Flow Orchestration

Coordinate multi-user, multi-step workflows.

Flow Orchestration is a low-code tool to automate complex, multi-user processes using built-in task management. It fast-tracks work between people and departments by coordinating inter-related processes involving multiple teams into a single, streamlined workflow.

Unify multiple workflows in a single view

Automate multi-user, multi-step tasks and approvals and build parallel workstreams to improve productivity and efficiency.

Scale automation efforts

Enable admins and devs to use low code to create processes, integrate data, and build reusable automated actions and components.

Optimize complex processes

Monitor and remove bottlenecks to reduce time between tasks.

Customer Success Spotlight


EIGENSONNE is a Trailblazer.

As our instance of Salesforce grows alongside our business, we’ve really been challenged in how to automate so many hand-offs and parallel processes in a scalable way. With Orchestrator, we've been able to streamline our sales to installation process and provide the best possible experience for our team and our customers.”

Michael Aigner, Co-founder and CTO | Eigensonne

Learn how to automate complex workflows with Orchestrator.

Complete the Orchestrator Basics module today and see how easy it is to unify complex, multi-user processes.