Explore the Quip features that can help accelerate your business.

With Quip, you can reimagine sales processes, work together in real time, and gain visibility to take action, all in one place.


Single Source of Truth

Ensure sales alignment and data accuracy

Now it’s easier than ever to get the big-picture view of your business. And you can dive down into the finer details with a single swipe.


Documents and spreadsheets with embedded CRM data

Work as a team in documents and spreadsheets, and update your sales strategy in the context of the deal. Embed the data that's most meaningful to you and your team, pulling in insights from across your suite of applications.

Two-way data sync with CRM

Data is live between Quip documents and data sources allowing bi-directional updates. In any Quip document or spreadsheet, you can see live Salesforce records, lists, reports, and even Tableau CRM data, ensuring teams are always working with the latest information.

Comment, share, and edit in real-time

Work faster and smarter, together, in a centralized workspace where all stakeholders can comment, share, and edit in real-time. Add third-party stakeholders, such as partners, suppliers, or even your customers, to keep everyone on the same page, and ensure security by managing data access and visibility.

Standardize Processes

Streamline sales actions to accelerate deals

With proven processes, every rep can win deals and satisfy customers.


Create your own templates

Build your own templates tailored to your business processes. With Quip, you can personalize templates for your own business processes, like Account Plans, to support the unique needs of teams across different geographies, segments, or industries. Your templates automatically get prefilled with CRM data. One click and the account plan is ready to go.


Access all of your documents on the go with Quip's mobile app. You can create, comment and work together, even when you are offline, and rest easy knowing that your documents will update in real-time.

Live Apps for Quip and third party integrations

Extend your documents with kanban boards, calendars, drawing canvases and more, thanks to Live Apps for Quip. Bring in data from third paries, and surface your favorite dashboards from Tableau CRM.

Fast time to value

Get more out of the #1 CRM, from day one

Get ready for your best deployment yet. With Quip, implementation is easy. And you can feel confident knowing your teams will hit the ground running.


Out-of-the-box templates

Establish best practices for sales across key processes using scalable templates available out-of-the-box. Access the Template Library or create your own, to deliver pre-built templates for Account Plans, Close Plans, Qualification Notes, and more, that help teams get started quickly, resulting in faster time to value.

Report on template usage

Surface the usage data of your templates inside of Tableau CRM to measure the impact on deals and sales performance. Easily create your own dashboards to understand template usage and efficacy in your sales process.

Dedicated CSM team

Your success is our top priority. Implement Quip quickly and confidently, by leveraging a dedicated customer support team available to ensure your license deployment is done right.

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