Quip combines your team’s work and communication in one central hub that’s accessible from every device. Spend less time on meetings and email, and more time getting things done.
Build, edit, and discuss your team’s work all in one place. Make it easy for your team to stay organized and keep moving forward.
Drive accountability and meet deadlines with tasks and reminders that keep projects on track.
Create dedicated folders for teams and projects, and control access permissions at the group, folder, and document level.
Draw focus directly where you need it with @mentions and push notifications on your phone and desktop. View filtered activity feeds in both your Quip inbox and on the sidebar for every document.
* Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.
Quip is directly integrated with Salesforce, so you and your team can work with reports, spreadsheets, and docs that use live data from Salesforce.
Open Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet in a single click, and get live data updates. When something changes in Salesforce, it instantly updates in your Quip docs, too.
Create a new Quip site or access existing sites by logging in with your Salesforce credentials. Make connecting to colleagues quick and simple.
Automate processes and integrate Quip with other products you and your team use with the Quip API.
Link Quip documents to Salesforce records, accounts, and more. Quip Connect can help your team find and collaborate on crucial documents to better serve your customers.
Get full visibility and reach final decisions faster when you collaborate on a device that works for you.
Stay connected on the go with push notifications that let you know if someone is communicating with you directly in a chat room, document, or 1-to-1 message.
Create, search, edit, and access all your docs, spreadsheets, and conversations from your mobile device.
Keep working offline, and sync docs later with Quip’s auto-syncing desktop app.
Save time and increase team transparency with chat and messaging built into every document.
Send 1-to-1 messages to directly message team members, get read receipts to keep communication transparent, and queue offline messages to send later.
Reclaim time spent searching through email, or in status meetings. Real-time editing, inline comments, and chat make it easy to reach a decision without ever leaving Quip.
Use version history to see who contributed or changed what content and when. Track conversations, decisions, and edits in context.
Escape endless emails and meetings. Use Quip's content collaboration tools to become a happier, smarter, faster team today.