Sell smarter from your inbox with Salesforce email integration.

Work smarter from your inbox using the email applications you already know. Stay on top of every sale by automatically syncing and tracking everything from contacts and events to tasks and more with your CRM data.

Transform your email into a powerful selling tool.

Get a complete view of all your customer interactions with Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail. Capture emails instantly into Salesforce, keeping you and your entire team up to date.

Create new deals or cases from your email.

Bring any business process right into your favorite email app with Salesforce integration. Create new deals, log support requests, and more — all with just a few clicks.

Get deeper customer context from every email.

Make every event and correspondence count. Keep your email, contacts, and calendars seamlessly synced with your Salesforce data across both desktop and mobile.

Boost productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Stay on top of your accounts without wasting time with manual data entry. Let Salesforce log and organize all essential emails for you and spend more time with customers.

Take email integration further with artificial intelligence.

Supercharge your sales productivity with AI features in Salesforce Inbox. Move deals forward faster and sell smarter using AI-driven insights — all from your email, on the go, or at your desk.

Email Integration Options and Pricing

Save your team time by selling right from their inboxes with these integration options.

Email Integration

Connect Salesforce to Outlook or Gmail on desktop.
(billed annually)

Complete CRM for any size team

Sell smarter with sales intelligence in your inbox.
$ 25
(billed annually)

* Included with Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.
** All per user products require an annual contract.

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