Pipeline and Forecast Management


Drive predictable revenue with comprehensive forecasting

Keep a comprehensive view of your entire pipeline and business — without ever leaving your CRM. Get real-time visibility into your forecasts and make adjustments on the fly. Use data insights and predictive AI to clarify business decisions that drive revenue. 

Drive pipeline accuracy

Easily maintain the health of your pipeline on a single pane of glass. Hone in on the most promising deals with quick filters and out-of-the-box KPIs. Turn your 1-on-1 status updates into coaching sessions with real-time changes in customer data. And guide reps on which deals to focus on first with the help of AI.

Keep your forecast flexible

Sales processes tend to change. And your forecasts must be flexible enough to keep up. Ensure accuracy and consistency by creating forecasts based on KPIs that match your unique business model. Uncover sales insights to get a clearer picture of trends in your forecast, and then make real-time adjustments to scale best practices.

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