Accelerating Patient Engagement: Lessons from Trailblazers in Pharma

How Salesforce customers accelerated patient centricity
SEPT 02, 2021. 7 MIN READ

The future of successful pharmaceutical companies lies in putting patient engagement at the forefront of their businesses. The current environment is accelerating this need as organizations work harder than ever to meet rising expectations for coordinated, convenient, personalized, and accessible care and solutions.

Technology has a critical role to play in creating a culture based on patient centricity. But this kind of focus on the patient requires much more than offering a mobile app or sending a personalized email. It demands that you find the right technology that affords a complete view of the patient, provides connected solutions for omni-channel experiences, and intelligently coordinates data and insights across the organization.

This guide is designed to help pharma companies on the complex journey to patient centricity. Learn how leading organizations are taking a more patient-centric approach with Salesforce — and discover the steps you can take to get there too.




Patient Engagement: Moments that Matter


Seizing the Customer Experience Opportunity in Life Sciences


Connect the Patient Experience


Learn how Trailblazers in Pharma drive patient centricity.

Unlock the rest of the guide to discover how:
  • Otsuka America Pharmaceutical engages patients on their speciality therapy programs
  • Sanguine BioSciences connects patients with researchers for COVID-19 vaccine research
  • Salesforce technology enables pharma companies to design patient-centric approaches

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