Unlock Efficiencies for a More Engaging Automotive Customer Experience

How Salesforce is helping OEMs increase productivity and lifetime value while reducing costs.

People love cars. We see them as a rite of passage, an identity, and a marker of the milestones that occur throughout our lives. However, there is one thing about cars that people don’t like – buying them. In fact, 99% of buyers are dissatisfied with the current buying experience.

The current buying experience is clunky, opaque, and disjointed, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Companies that work to improve the automotive customer experience create opportunities to connect, establish long-term loyalty, and drive efficient growth.

Today’s consumers expect great customer service, intuitive online tools, and personalized attention. They expect their car companies to know them and understand their needs from the moment they begin researching until their decision to purchase. And, these expectations go beyond the purchase to the additional services and repairs needed throughout the life of the vehicle.

People want the ability to interact consistently across channels. Dealerships may rank as the number one resource in purchasing, but over 80% of people use online sources to research before making buying decisions. This makes a seamless experience paramount. Your ability to connect online, in-person, and partner-to-partner touchpoints across the automotive ecosystem improves not only your customer experience, but also boosts your bottom line by shortening time to value, fast-tracking sales, and creating a more efficient business operation.


Reimagine the automotive customer experience

Discover how Automotive Cloud can help:

  • Unify customer, vehicle, and financial data
  • Create efficiencies that improve collaboration
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs through automotive-specific automation

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