How Streamlining Data Helps Media Companies Drive Efficiency and Increase Ad Sales

Increase efficiency and productivity and boost ad sales by optimizing your data


January 24, 2023. 4 min read


Optimizing advertising sales in today’s complex media landscape can often feel like herding cats.

Among digital, programmatic, campaign analytics, and reporting from various platforms, media companies use an average of 23 different systems to run their advertising business, according to Salesforce’s 2021 Marketing Intelligence Report.

Data from these platforms resides in different systems and formats, and manually trying to collect and unify it is cumbersome and time consuming. This leads to delays and inaccuracies, loss of productivity, operational inefficiencies, and revenue leakage.

Valuable resources are also being drained away from more productive tasks, with 56% of marketers saying they’re spending a few days a month on these manual, labor-intensive processes.

It makes the sales process inefficient and expensive.

Furthermore, the face of ad sales is changing: the client/salesperson relationship isn’t just transactional. Your clients now look to salespeople as trusted advisors, experts on their products and ads, and they therefore expect real-time collaboration on a unified platform to deliver actionable insights.

That means having access to a single source of truth, unifying disparate data sources and systems. Streamlining is essential to grow revenue and accelerate sales cycles – and make your business more cost efficient.

Streamlining your ad sales data helps you:

  • Maximize revenue
  • Boost productivity with your digital HQ
  • Sell smarter and predict customer needs
  • Unify sales and marketing to grow pipeline

It’s the key to both increasing efficiency and selling more personalized ads to fuel long-term customer loyalty. Here’s how to get started.


Ready to drive productivity and increase efficiency while boosting ad sales?

See how streamlining your ad sales data helps:

  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize revenue
  • Boost efficiency throughout your organization

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