How to Overcome 5 Common Challenges in Converged Media Planning and Advertising Sales

Learn how to streamline converged media planning, advertising sales, and analytics with an end-to-end advertising management system.
June 04, 2021. 5 MIN READ

Media companies have never shied away from innovation. Every new format, channel, platform, and trend pushes them harder to creatively and strategically reach customers and exceed performance goals for advertisers.

But the push for innovation over the last several decades has created a fragmented advertising technology ecosystem. Every new media type and channel comes with a different technology platform to manage inventory, monitor performance, and measure results.

After decades of adopting disparate systems to reach new audiences and accommodate consumption behaviors across new channels and platforms, media companies are dealing with a patchwork of ad hoc solutions. They don’t have the complete view they need to navigate the complex advertising technology ecosystem, fully monetize consumer habits, and measure and optimize campaigns. The result? Media planning with little-to-no visibility into available inventory. And companies must then deal with unexpected losses in revenue, poor intelligence on pricing and discounts — which are wildly inconsistent — and disconnected campaign measurement, which means they can’t assess performance properly.

Luckily, media companies can overcome these challenges and simplify the complexity with the right digital technology. The next generation of media planning and advertising sales requires an end-to-end advertising management system that brings together disparate data sources and workflows.

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