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Pacific Clinics increases client referrals by 300% with automation.

Learn how Pacific Clinics automates patient onboarding to address high demand.

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Pacific Clinics is California's largest nonprofit provider of behavioral healthcare. It needed new ways to meet the growing demand for mental health services, while managing the complexity of medical data restrictions. So it partnered with Salesforce.

What you need to know

Nonprofit Cloud helped Pacific Clinics automate the process of entering client information into electronic health records (EHRs). This saved its employees 175 hours per month in administrative time and freed them to focus on the people they serve. Before, the agency’s Enhanced Care Management program served 200 clients per month. Now, it’s 700.

Why it matters

Many pre- and post-treatment care plans don’t use EHRs. This meant that Pacific Clinics’ team had to manually reenter data while maintaining privacy and security. Now that the process is automated, employees can focus on the most rewarding parts of the job: serving clients. The extra capacity makes a real difference for managed care Medi-Cal clients, some of the most vulnerable in Pacific Clinics' communities. The result: better employee morale, and better health for everyone.

“What has set our relationship with Salesforce apart is the sense of partnership. We took a tangled and complicated situation and made it simple and accessible for our teams. It’s really a game changer for us.”

Kathryn McCarthy

CEO and President

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Better results, better experience

  • It used to take 80 hours for staff to process a list of potential clients. Now it takes 15 minutes.
  • By eliminating 175 hours of data entry each month, staff can now serve 300% more client referrals.
  • Salesforce Shield protects sensitive data, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • With Experience Cloud for nonprofits, clients can connect on their preferred channels.
  • Pacific Clinics reduced staff burnout by eliminating tedious manual tasks.
  • Employees can now access client records in real time.
  • With MuleSoft, Pacific Clinics automates its data exchange with health plans, third-party billers, and other agencies.


hours of data processing
time saved per month



additional clients served
without additional resources



program growth
in one county


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