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Rossignol brings the magic of the mountains to more people with AI.

Iconic sports and lifestyle brand scales new heights with greater personalization and automation.

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Rossignol’s customers range from skiing beginners, mountain bikers, and hikers to Olympic athletes, meaning they have different needs at different times. With data in one place, the company can personalize every interaction to create more emotional, inspiring connections across every season.

Rossignol uses Einstein 1 and AI to bring the magic of the mountains to more people with personalized product recommendations for different pursuits and different seasons.

What you need to know

From Olympic champions to novices, Rossignol has been helping people enjoy winter sports in the mountains for more than 110 years. And now it wants that joy to last all year round — from hiking in the spring to mountain biking in the summer. But a bigger product range means engaging with a bigger audience.

With Einstein 1 Rossignol connects the right customer with the right product at the right time — from gloves for a novice Nordic skier to sneakers for a seasoned trail runner. Now when the first snow of the season hits the Pyrénées Mountains, it can send personalized product recommendations to winter sports enthusiasts living nearby. Deeper customer relationships and richer content helped the group hit a growth high of 28% for the financial year ending March 2023 and double the contribution of CRM to its ecommerce revenue in less than three years.

Why it matters

Rossignol has millions of fans around the world. But the iconic sports and lifestyle brand lacked the insights and connections it needed to build personal relationships. To support its new multi-season strategy, Rossignol wanted to understand how and when different customers spent their time in the mountains. With Einstein 1, it integrates and analyzes data from every touchpoint on every channel — from service conversations to store purchases. With AI, data, and CRM, Rossignol tailors marketing campaigns, website landing pages, and product recommendations based on a customer’s favorite pursuits, mountain locations, or even weather forecasts.


“With Salesforce, we can take personalization to new heights. It helps us create stronger connections and richer experiences."

Vincent Wauters, CEO, Rossignol Group

What the difference looks like:

Rossignol is combining AI, data, and CRM to create a virtual circle that brings extra magic to the customer experience. It can now inspire more people to spend time in the mountains.

Here’s how:

  • The marketing team uses the Einstein 1 data captured, such as browsing histories and product purchases, to personalize weekly emails and text messages created and distributed with Marketing Cloud. This provides Rossignol with new opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. If a snowboarder abandons their purchase of a helmet, it recommends matching goggles when reminding them to check out.
  • Rossignol’s marketing team generates 3x more campaigns per week thanks to automated journeys and AI. Now, it dynamically translates campaign content into different languages and sends emails at times when they are most likely to be read using Einstein send-time optimization. The company has also doubled the contribution of CRM to its ecommerce revenue in less than three years.
  • Rossignol is transforming and simplifying its global ecommerce operations with MuleSoft and B2C Commerce Cloud. By integrating B2C Commerce Cloud with internal enterprise resource planning and product lifecycle management systems, Rossignol aims at scaling omni-channel capabilities and reducing time to market. Rossignol also plans to use Commerce AI to dynamically update online product descriptions and stock levels for individual customers.
  • Rossignol also sells its products through a network of global retail partners. With Sales Cloud, it maximizes the value of its B2B relationships with 360-degree visibility of purchase histories.
  • Customer service teams respond to queries from consumers and retailers more efficiently by using Service Cloud to centrally capture information and automatically assign cases. In the future, Rossignol plans to empower agents with automated AI-powered responses and recommendations. If a hiker has a query about a pair of new shoes they are buying for a walking holiday in the Alps, the agent can tell them to expect rain and recommend a waterproof jacket.
  • From planting forests to recycling skis, Rossignol is committed to building a more sustainable world. With Net Zero Cloud and MuleSoft, the company will unify and quantify emissions data from across its operations and value chain. This will help Rossignol achieve its goal to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and preserve the majesty of the mountains for future generations. Rossignol has also partnered with Salesforce to support the work of For every pair of skis sold on, both companies will each plant a tree.




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