Your Guide to Scalable Data: Data Driven Experiences

Unlock, Analyze, and Act on Your Data

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Chapter 3: Act on Your Data

Data doesn't just help you understand what you need to do, it also helps you do it. Once you've analyzed your data, it's important to take action on it. When put to work, data can help you turn insights into measurable business outcomes. From completing day-to-day work to developing personalized customer experiences, data can help automate processes big and small. And that means bigger wins for your business.
Here are three ways automation can take your company's data from integration to innovation:

Automate routine tasks and give time back to your employees

Manual processes and small tasks can keep teams from handling bigger, forward-looking issues in your company. Besides eating away at your workforce’s time, they can eat away at morale and productivity. Both could be better spent tackling the larger strategic goals of your organization. Nearly 75% of IT leaders who've implemented automation have seen time savings equal to at least four hours per 40-hour week.

4 hours

of work per week saved by eliminating manual processes

For your service teams, automation can free up agents to focus on 1:1 interactions that provide more value to customers. Your data can also inform bots and other self-service tools that can get customers the help they need at their own convenience.

Beyond helping customers and service agents make deeper connections, automation can help alleviate the increasingly high workloads of IT departments. It’s no secret that in the age of remote work, tech staff carry a much higher burden. Tasked with solving client issues and helping their line-of-business (LOB) teammates function in a work-from-anywhere world, they’re taxed out. Those teammates can tell, too: 58% of them agree that “IT leaders are preoccupied with keeping the lights on.”

To alleviate some of the workload, IT can implement the same strategies for customer service to encourage coworkers and teammates to help themselves. Employee usage data can inform similar self-service experiences and chat bots that can help employees solve common, routine issues, from connectivity concerns to system updates. 

Integrate data into all your workflows for intelligent, actionable customer insights

Customers can engage with businesses on so many channels these days: from SMS to social media, to a brick-and-mortar location. At each touchpoint, they expect an experience that is connected, personalized, and familiar. Meeting those demands requires easy access to insights to personalize each engagement. For example, many sales reps are finding it difficult to tap into those valuable insights, and thus, that much harder to actually put them into action.

of customers expect offers from companies to always be personalized.


of sales reps say it’s challenging finding time to get the customer insights they need.

Automating workflow with integrated customer data can help alleviate this friction. Data can allow your teams to get a shared view of your customer's actions and preferences. Those insights can be integrated into workflows on any channel, across any department. This ensures a seamless experience, even when working between digital to physical worlds.

Today, IT leaders have access to tested, secure pre-built solutions that can get their company's data to work, fast. Tools like Salesforce's Einstein Automate provide no code and low code automation solutions that can transform the way your teams put data to work. Einstein Automate makes automation with out of-the-box workflows that are built on a powerful platform so you can get started fast, and focus on impact.

And, with a library of over 700 best practices across industries, intelligent solutions for customers and employees are just clicks away.

Those same templates make it far easier for teams to share data in service to their customers. IT leaders can securely integrate data from any source using ready-to-install templates from AppExchange. Ready-made, time tested solutions make it faster to develop personalized customer experiences that can shift and scale as your customers do the same.



ROI Multi-Cloud Study: Unite Your Customers & Watch Your Company Grow


Automate faster with prebuilt solutions


Customer Story

Room & Board


Room & Board realized a 2,900% return on investment in its first year using Predictive Intelligence.

Room & Board turned years of customer preference data into intelligent product recommendations and email campaigns. Customers who engaged with Room & Board’s recommendations placed web orders with 40% higher average values than those who didn’t. When customers viewed those recommendations before coming into the store, the average order value shot up 60%.

Read more about how Room & Board is powering recommendations with Predictive Intelligence.

Empower your employees to drive better customer experiences

Having the right customer insights for your teams to act on can empower your organization to drive meaningful business outcomes, and introducing automation can help teams act faster and more efficiently. Automation will be most effective for your business when you can:
Enable employees to focus on more strategic work by automating routine tasks
Put actionable insights into peoples' workflows where they already spend their time
Leverage no-code solutions and templates for more intelligent starting points
Learn more about Einstein Automate and discover tools and partner solutions to help you boost productivity.

Get started now

In today’s world, successful CIOs need to quickly build personalized, intelligent, and connected experiences for their customers, partners, and employees.  A clear data strategy is key to empowering your team with the insights they need to move at speed and win in the marketplace. Tools like Mulesoft, Tableau and Einstein Automate can help CIOs integrate all of their data, empower their teams to draw insights to drive better decision making, and build data-driven experiences to power full digital transformation. Companies that adopt a new approach to analytics enable decision-making at speed, and based on data, not opinion. By connecting data across your entire ecosystem of apps and systems, you can build connected, digital experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations. 

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