The IT Leader’s Guide to Fast App Development

Accelerate your digital transformation with modern app architecture patterns that you can combine for custom solutions.
Chapter 1: Deliver Business Apps Faster
Jumpstart your digital transformation with code and low-code app development platforms.
What does every business need to do right now? Accelerate the shift to digital across all customer channels. Delivering modern customer experiences requires embracing a combination of no-code tools and programmable code to better leverage diverse skill sets on your team.

Automation will be even bigger next year and beyond, so IT leaders should be thinking about how they can automate with low-code platforms. Automating business workflows is paramount, but if IT can also automate the software release pipeline, you can increase your team’s ability to continuously deliver in the context of both low and pro code. And if you can automate the testing process along the way, you can minimize bugs in your software development process. Do this, and everyone wins — the developer, the organization, and the end customer.

The future of app development is low code and pro code working together.”

Chris Marino
Sr. Director of Product Management

Supercharge your low-code or pro-code collaborations.

Developers are building the apps and processes that help their organizations bridge the divide, remain connected to their customers, and stay relevant in this digital-first world. The demand for developers is slated to grow 22% annually between now and 2029. Organizations can meet the developer demand halfway by delivering a developer experience that supercharges collaboration between low-code developers and pro-code developers. When components can be leveraged outside of Salesforce and be reused by low-code devs, you can create incredibly agile small teams and a single common delivery pipeline for all app builders. IT leaders and developers will deliver Customer 360 business apps faster than ever.

Elevate low code with elastic scale.

Delivering modern apps requires effort across an entire organization, leveraging a range of business processes and programmer skills. Low-code tools that automate business processes are more powerful when combined with elastic scale and open language flexibility.

Bring open languages to low code.

Modern application development platforms must provide this full spectrum of low code-to-code capabilities and scale with confidence to meet any demand. Declarative builders can now extend their low-code tools such as Flow. Flow has on-demand functions and long-running services that can scale elastically on the platform, taking advantage of powerful customizations written in industry-standard languages, all within the Salesforce trust boundary. Programmatic developers and declarative app builders can now work in parallel on the Salesforce Platform to enable IT buyers and executives to leverage a wide array of developer skill sets to amplify productivity.

Leverage a seamless developer experience.

Leverage a seamless developer experience to deliver modern business apps. IT can benefit from no-code, low-code, and pro-code builders working together through common abstractions such as source-driven development and multiple environments such as scratch orgs, review apps, or having a CI/CD pipeline view of delivering apps quickly on the platform.

Deliver the power of Salesforce data.

Get visibility and actionability across all your Salesforce orgs. Consolidate and transform data across multiple Salesforce orgs, then stream that data to drive real-time apps, actions, and insights. The data becomes useful to numerous objects within a single Salesforce org and across many Salesforce orgs, and connects to other data across the enterprise.

To showcase the possibilities for creating business apps with a modern app dev experience, we’re sharing a set of architecture solution patterns that expand the power of the Salesforce Platform to all developers.

Learn the patterns you need to:

  • Scale apps quickly
  • Deepen your service capabilities
  • Pull analytics across orgs

Reliable patterns like these will help companies worldwide accelerate their digital transformations and deliver lower-cost solutions more quickly.


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