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Buying committees today are more complex than ever before. And B2B marketers need the right tools, insights, and inspiration to engage them. Scroll below to strengthen your strategy with inspiring success stories, how-to resources, helpful tools, and more.

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B2B marketers are no stranger to today’s increasingly complex buyers. Every committee is different, with unique needs and goals. Below, learn how top brands like Lyft and Valpak sparked engagement with their key accounts, with an in-depth look at their story and strategies.


Lyft shifts gears with ABM to reach essential businesses.

The pandemic made everyone stay put  except essential workers. Learn how Lyft's CRM-based approach to account-based marketing guided their services to organizations on the front line.

Valpak helps foster community with ABM.

Valpak strives to connect local businesses with their communities. Learn their approach to ABM and how it helped route the right message to the right accounts  resulting in a 4x increased open rate, a 100x increase in forward rates, and unexpected updates on sales prospects.  
What’s in store for B2B marketers, today and in the years ahead? Join industry leaders and experts for “How To Speak ABM,” our new Marketing Cloudcast series. Discover the challenges, strategies, and big ideas for the future. Learn the fundamentals on ABM, aligning your teams, using data to engage accounts, and more.

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