Boost Revenue and Profitable Growth with Trade Promotion Management

Billions in trade spend goes unevaluated every year. Are you getting your money’s worth?

Consumer goods businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars on promotions every year. Yet despite huge budgets, 72% of these promotions won’t break even, and more than half suffer from poor execution. Companies know they need to find a better way to manage their trade spend if they want to drive profitable growth and achieve success now. The question is: How?

Despite huge budgets, 72% of promotions won’t break even.

Consumer goods (CG) companies can unlock a bigger return on their trade spend investment if they can spot and scale their most profitable programs quickly. The answers lie in their data, but right now, promotions are so cumbersome to track that billions in spending goes unevaluated. In fact, 60% of businesses rely on spreadsheet-driven processes that don’t use real-time data, don’t connect with AI-driven analysis, and are difficult to manipulate at the account level.

To keep up in the face of stiff industry headwinds, help your key account managers stay focused on building strategic partnerships instead of updating or investigating promotions. The good news is you can take control of your trade spend investment by optimizing your digital tools.


Grow profits now with effective trade promotion management.

Inside this guide, learn how to:

  • Streamline account planning to save sales reps time
  • Optimize trade promotion to drive profitable growth
  • Maximize margins by scaling your top-performing programs faster
  • Track and analyze 100% of your promotions
  • Empower teams with real-time data for smarter decisions

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