Here’s how 1 billion shoppers shaped the holidays.

Holiday 2021 is a wrap. See how retailers and brands reacted to supply chain disruptions, inflation, and evolved shopper expectations.




How did shoppers and retailers approach the season?



Anatomy of the Season


Year-over-year comparison of online spend throughout the holiday season (November through December).



Marketing Activity

Year-over-year growth in daily email, push, and SMS sends. Share of marketing sends by type.



Campaigns and Promotions

Share of online orders using promotion codes.



An analysis of when consumers were most likely to engage customer service agents.





Why did people spend more on less than ever before?

Track website visits, orders, device preferences, and more.



Online Traffic Analysis


Share of online traffic across the holiday season. Share of online traffic by referring platform.



Online Order Analysis

Share of online orders across the holiday season. Share of online orders by device type.



Online Order and Traffic Growth by Device

The change in the number of orders placed from each device.



Average Order Value (AOV) and Discount Rate


AOV: the order amount spent by the shopper. Discount rate: the share of an order amount that was reduced due to merchandise or other discounts. This value does not include product markdowns or reductions in shipping costs.


How did shoppers respond to holiday humbugs?

View how shopping carts were affected by inflation and supply chain constraints.



Inflation Tracker

The growth in average selling prices for products sold this year and last year.



Average Basket Size

The growth in the average number of units in an online basket that converts.



Payment Usage Type

Order share: the share of orders transacting using various payment methods. Order growth: the growth in orders that transact using various payment methods.



Product Assortment Growth

The growth in available SKUs for purchase this holiday season.


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To help retailers and brands benchmark holiday performance, Salesforce combined data and holiday insights on the activity of more than a billion global shoppers across more than 54 countries powered by Commerce Cloud, billions of consumer engagements and millions of public social media conversations through Marketing Cloud, and customer service data powered by Service Cloud. Several factors are subsequently applied to extrapolate projections and actuals for the broader retail industry. These holiday flash reports are a derivative of the quarterly Shopping Index.