Orchestrate Guest Journeys

Unify data, connect teams, and leverage AI to give your guests the experiences they expect.

Put Your Guests at the Center

Take personalization to the next level.

  • Create unified profiles to proactively deliver guest preferences and anticipate future interactions
  • Utilize automation and AI to humanize every interaction and deliver personalized moments at scale
  • Optimize brand impact with real-time data analytics that increase insights and drive efficiency and growth

Boost Employee Productivity

Optimize operations and unlock efficiencies with a centralized platform.

  • Onboard employees faster and connect teams globally
  • Enable easy access to resources and efficient employee service resolutions
  • Unlock department data silos, increase visibility, and connect employee systems and apps

Make Data-Driven Decisions Backed by AI-Inspired Insights

Gain a competitive edge with AI and advanced analytics.

  • Enhance guest satisfaction and grow loyalty with AI recommendations and customized offers
  • Maximize share of wallet and grow revenue with market demand, competitive pricing, and historical booking insights
  • Proactively engage guests with predicted needs and preferences
  • Automate service and care with chatbots and virtual assistants that reduce response times and increase satisfaction

Guest 360

Build deeper guest relationships through automation, AI insights, and real-time data across every team.

See how data and AI are helping IHG Hotels and Resorts revolutionize travel and hospitality experiences.


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