Brian Owens is a Trailblazer

New Year, New Fulfillment

At the start of a new year, Brian Owens decided to set a resolution to change his life. Feeling exhausted mentally and physically from working 12 hour days between two jobs with student loans to pay off, he began looking for something where he could have a sense of fulfillment. He needed a life raft.

Brian’s wife introduced him to Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, where he quickly began learning new skills. With Trailhead, Brian learned at his own pace at any time, which included waking up extra early to study before work. He was also dedicated to finding a mentor for guidance and support. This led him to connect with Tiffany Spencer, the founder of Tech Forward, an organization that introduces marginalized communities to Salesforce careers. With Tiffany's help, Brian was able to chart a course toward a career in Salesforce and navigate the tech industry.

Trailhead changed what I believed I was capable of and could accomplish in my career.

Brian Owens
Product Manager, NBCUniversal

Embarking on a New Journey with the Trailblazer Community

After earning his Salesforce Administrator certification and connecting with people on a similar journey in the Trailblazer Community, Brian felt ready to embark on a new career path in tech. With his new Salesforce expertise, Brian landed his first Salesforce role, where he spearheaded the implementation of Financial Services Cloud for Regions Bank. Today, Brian is thriving as a product manager at NBCUniversal, where he played a pivotal role in introducing a groundbreaking multi-currency system for a partnership with Apple News, marking a significant milestone for the company. He also contributed to organizational consolidations within NBCUniversal's national, local, and global ad sales teams, aligning them with the company's unified platform selling vision.

Finding Success and Giving Back

As Brian continues to drive monumental impact in his role at NBCUniversal, he's most proud of the work he's doing within the community. Together with Tech Forward, Brian designed and implemented an innovative apprenticeship program in collaboration with Discover Card at their Chicago office. This program aimed to transition call center employees into Salesforce Developers, demonstrating Brian's commitment to talent development and innovation. He is paving the way for himself and opening doors for underrepresented students along the way. A proud native of Fairfield, Alabama, Brian often reflects on the rich history of his hometown and how he can leave behind a better world for those who come after him. He found community with Salesforce - and it became his life raft.