With 300+ technical sessions and hands-on workshops, you’ll learn the skills to build copilots, the new class of generative AI applications, and how to leverage the latest platform features directly from product engineers, architects, and fellow developers. Get up to speed on the Einstein 1 Platform, the biggest platform release in years, purpose-built for the AI era and presenting unprecedented opportunities for developers and ISVs.


The must-attend developer conference awaits.

Join live sessions, learn directly from product owners, and celebrate with surprises along the way.


March 3–5, 2024

Kickstart your learning experience with TrailblazerDX Bootcamp.

  • Three days of intensive learning
  • Nine role-based tracks
  • One certification exam
  • Endless networking opportunities

    Define your AI journey on the Einstein 1 Platform.



    Develop and deploy AI apps. Do it with code or no code and without compromise, all with Salesforce.


    Optimize productivity, automate processes, and build innovative solutions with advanced customization and low-code AI tools.


    Learn how to plan and deliver AI models that make predictions, offer recommendations, and keep your data safe.


    Harness new tech and find all-new solutions with class-defining generative AI built solely on trust.