With Salesforce, we can get closer to our customers. It helps our team maximise their talent and deliver better service.”

— Paolo Giabardo, UK Country Manager

Financial services pioneer accelerates growth with sharper insights, smarter processes and a faster sales cycle

The customer base has grown. The product portfolio has multiplied. The internal team has expanded. But Ebury still has more growth ambitions to fulfill. And, thanks to Salesforce, it’s taking the financial services world by storm. “With Salesforce, we can scale more rapidly and manage a much larger portfolio of clients,” said Paolo Giabardo, UK Country Manager at Ebury.

The company, which provides tailored currency services and flexible business funding, is currently growing by more than 100% year-on-year. And so too is its client data. “As a financial services company, we are data driven,” explained Giabardo. “With the Salesforce solutions, we can capture every bit of business data that comes in and goes out, which means it can be easily accessed and analysed.”

Ebury implemented Service Cloud in late 2014. Although the company already had a CRM solution, it lacked the sophistication and integration necessary for such a rapidly growing business. “Salesforce is the CRM platform of choice in the financial services sector,” said Giabardo. “Its ability to connect with our other technologies was a key factor in our decision.”

Greater agility, greater competitive advantage

Ebury has taken an evolutionary approach to deploying Salesforce CRM. As Giabardo explained: “We decided to implement it very quickly, and then adapt and expand our use over time.”

This approach has been a great success, with more than 150 sales professionals and relationship managers from Ebury now using Service Cloud. The solutions support the entire customer journey – from lead generation and applications to credit checks and account management. “Technology is the engine behind our business. We want to use super efficient solutions, such as Salesforce CRM, to promote our value proposition to prospects and customers,” said Giabardo.

Ebury doesn't just deliver value by combining payment transfers and funding, it also delivers value by offering customer choice and exceptional service. As Giabardo explained: “We work in a highly competitive industry service is our differentiator. With Salesforce CRM, we can move faster than traditional financial institutions.”

Ebury can also sell faster. Within months of using the Customer Success Platform, Ebury shortened its sales cycle by 30%. Giabardo puts this success down to one thing: better business insight. “We have greater visibility of sales conversion criteria, which means we can deliver better results,” he added.

Game on

Giabardo and the management team at Ebury recognise that working in a results-driven environment can be tough, so it’s introduced the concept of gamification to inject some fun into its day-to-day sales activities. Using an app from the Salesforce AppExchange, Ebury feeds data from Service Cloud into various gamification initiatives, such as league tables and personal rankings. “Gamification makes data capture and reporting more fun,” said Giabardo. “It also makes it easier for us to reward success.”

Although increasing sales is a priority for Ebury, so too is improving the customer experience. The company has moved all its customer onboarding processes onto Service Cloud, allowing for faster and more accurate screening and verification. Service Cloud also underpins the approval process needed for Ebury’s business funding facilities, and helps staff in different departments communicate client needs and seamlessly process their requests. “With Service Cloud, we can streamline key processes, such as online activation, document collection, and credit approval - all of which means quicker funding approvals for our customers,” added Giabardo.

Data from Service Cloud also feeds a range of performance and management dashboards, which can be accessed remotely using the Salesforce Mobile App. “We can see exactly what’s happening with the sales and customer service funnel in real time – from lead generation to call waiting time,” said Giabardo. “The Salesforce Mobile App is a really powerful management tool.”

Ebury hasn’t just gone mobile with Salesforce it’s also gone social. With Salesforce Chatter, colleagues can discuss client relationships in a secure environment. “We deal with a lot of sensitive information. Chatter enables us to collaborate more effectively without putting any information at risk,” added Giabardo.

Closing the gap with customers

As visibility and information sharing across the business improves, so too does Ebury’s understanding of its customers. The company works with more than 10,000 organisations, each of which has different payment and trade cycles. “With Salesforce, we can get closer to our customers. We have a live record of their needs at different stages of the relationship,” explains Giabardo. “If a prospect doesn't engage with us immediately, we can capture the dialogue to pick up at a later date.”

Detailed customer records also enable Ebury to identify seasonal cash flows, so they know when is a good time to revisit an opportunity. “Every day is different. We need to make quick decisions and good decisions we don’t have the luxury to make mistakes,” said Giabardo. “Salesforce CRM did what we wanted from day one. It makes us more efficient and helps our people maximise their talent and deliver better service.”


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