Use these resources to get started.

We've created these resources based on helping others work differently and in anticipation of your needs.


Explore our starter guide for working differently.

Get instruction and advice for hands-on practice and application of the six principles across a design cycle.


Discover the slide decks.

Learn the purpose and key elements of each principle with these overview presentations.


See and experience

Develop empathy and understanding to identify the ideal state.

Dimension and diagram

Identify and structure information to frame the problem. 

Question and reframe

Challenge assumptions to open up new possibilities.

Imagine and model

Make ideas tangible to share and inspire.

Test and shape

Repeatedly learn and refine to improve solutions.

Pitch and commit

Communicate and share often to move work forward.

Try the method cards

Learn about the six principles by following the instructions on these method cards.


Learn from the video lessons.

Explore specific methods and example applications in our video presentations.


2X2 Frameworks

3-part observations

Affinity clustering






Empathy mapping

Reflective discussion

Journey mapping


Paper models

Show and tell interviews

Solution maps


Value curve

Ways of statements


Review our 5 best practices to Work Differently

Simple steps to practice day-to-day


about us

Our team is a passionate group of professionals at Ignite who have been working differently (and loving it!) for years. We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but share a common love of creating new value and education. We're excited to work with you and your team to help you start working differently today.