Justify Your Trip

It’s more costly not to go.

Business moves fast. Dreamforce won’t just help you keep up, but will help keep you increasingly profitable. In fact, 98% of attendees surveyed said they would recommend it and 96% said their business improvements quickly outweighed the cost of going to Dreamforce.

Average Sales Metrics Achieved

30% increase in sales productivity
26% decrease in sales cycle time
25% increase in sales cross sell/up sell revenue
...more 23% increase in deal size
22% increase in sales revenues
23% increase in number of deals
19% increase in win rate


Average Service and Support Metrics Achieved

33% increase in customer satisfaction
37% increase in first call (or contact) resolution
35% reduction in new agent on-boarding/ramp-up time
30% increase in understanding of customer service issues from social channels
32% increase in call deflection (via self-service)
28% increase in agent productivity
26% increase in customer retention

Average Collaboration Metrics Achieved

32% improvement in employee productivity
32% increase in employee satisfaction
30% increase in employee engagement

Average Marketing Metrics Achieved

41% increase in lead volume
38% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness
32% increase in lead conversion rate
37% increase in leads from social sources

Average IT Metrics Achieved

58% faster deployment
52% faster configuration
41% faster integration


ROI Calculator

Figure out what you’ve got to gain from attending Dreamforce with our new ROI Calculator.

Plug this result into the Justify Your Trip letter to provide a monetary value for the return on investment salesforce.com customers have gained by attending Dreamforce.

This ROI calculation includes the following cost estimates for attendees: $799 for a Dreamforce Full Conference Pass, $400 for airfare/ground transportation, $150 for 3 dinners, and $600 for a 3-night hotel stay in San Francisco.


Average metrics source: Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Surveys conducted by an independent third-party, MarketTools Inc. reflect average percentage improvements in performance metrics. Respondents were randomly selected business executives, project sponsors and system administrators that have attended Dreamforce in 2009 through 2012 and represent companies of all sizes from around the globe.

A fast, easy way for you and your team to justify your trip to Dreamforce. Remember, the sooner you buy your tickets, the sooner you can lock in the best hotels for the best prices.

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