Lightning is more than just a new UX — it’s the next level of Salesforce for end users, admins, and developers.
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We surveyed more than 500 Salesforce customers and they made it clear: The average productivity increase from switching to Lightning is 41%. Find out how you can take your business to the next level.
Forrester Consulting interviewed Salesforce customers that made the move from Classic to Lightning Experience. Forrester found that a composite organization based on these customers saw a positive net present value (NPV) of $3.4M with an ROI of 341%.
Salesforce conducted our own research in May 2017 on the benefits of switching to Lightning. Over 500 individuals across companies responded, and based on that research we produced a Lightning Value Calculator to help you estimate the business benefits of making the switch.
Learn how Aspect Software gained 636% ROI, two months payback, and more than $2 million in annual benefit by switching to Lightning.
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The Lightning Experience is our reimagined, flexible, CRM experience designed to boost productivity. In this e-book, learn how we strategically drove excitement for this technology shift as we took on the task of enabling 100% of our employees to work in the Lightning Experience.
See how customizing Lightning can help teams achieve 41% greater productivity. Learn how you can accelerate speed and growth to new heights today.
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