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Today, you need all the best tools to help you work faster, smarter, and the way you want. In this e-book, learn how Lightning helps you deliver the best experiences on the world’s #1 CRM.

Learning Map

The Learning Map provides a curated set of resources to help you visualize the recommended steps and best practices in each phase of a Lightning Experience transition: Discover, roll out, and optimize.


Discover the business value that you can unlock when you turn on Lightning Experience. In the infographic you’ll see some of the success metrics that have been reported by organizations that have turned on Lightning Experience.

Lightning Experience ROI Resources


Lightning Study

See how transitioning to Lightning Experience for Service Cloud can transform your business with increased performance and improved customer satisfaction.

Lightning Study

Forrester Consulting interviewed Salesforce customers who made the move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. Forrester found that a composite organization based on these customers saw a positive net present value (NPV) of $3.4 million with an ROI of 341%.

Lightning Value Calculator

Salesforce conducted our own research in May 2017 on the benefits of moving to Lightning Experience. Over 500 individuals across companies responded, and based on that research we produced a Lightning value calculator to help you estimate the business benefits of making the switch.

Lightning Experience Rollout Resources



Make adoption a snap. In just 10 simple steps, you can roll out Lightning Experience and see why Salesforce is better in Lightning.


Achieving greatness isn’t always easy, but having friends to help you get there is critical. That’s why we put this together: a step-by-step guide to helping your company soar to new heights.


When it comes to rolling out Lightning Experience, there’s no one correct way to go about it. Learn what the best approaches are to rolling out Lightning Experience based on how other customers have made their transition.

Lightning Experience Feature Short Videos



See how customizing Lightning Experience can help teams achieve 41% greater productivity. Learn how you can accelerate speed and growth to new heights today.


Watch the Lightning feature shorts to get a taste of what makes Lightning Experience the next-level experience of Salesforce, and how it will help you soar to new productivity heights.


Find out how Lightning Experience and Kanban can help you see your data faster and understand how your processes roll up by stages.

Journey to Lightning Experience Videos



Take a tour of Lightning Experience and learn about all the productivity-enhancing features awaiting your users.


Ready to plan your Lightning Experience rollout? Learn how to move users in phases, starting with a pilot.


Are JavaScript buttons blocking your transition to Lightning Experience? Converting them to Lightning-friendly alternatives is easier than you think.

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