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Ticketmaster makes the world a stage with Salesforce.

6,300 employees
Salesforce customer since 2015


marketing and service communications sent each week


Ticketmaster delivers live experiences at scale.

Ticketmaster’s mission is to create memories on a massive scale. They are a top 5 global e-commerce player selling 15 tickets per second to events happening around the world. Every year Ticketmaster sells nearly 500 million tickets for a huge variety of concerts, events, and games, and every year their sites receives more than a billion visits. While these numbers highlight Ticketmaster’s success, it also underlines the tremendous task it faces. Now, as customers look for smarter, faster, and more personalized experiences, the task of providing those experiences at scale becomes more challenging. In this customer-experience driven time, Ticketmaster found that its IT infrastructure had an opportunity to better collaborate.

“Everything was in silos. Purchase confirmations might be handled with one system, while password resets were handled by separate emails. The data didn’t really connect and the systems didn’t talk to each other,” said Justin Burleigh, Chief Product Officer.

Ticketmaster is a Trailblazer in powering the fan-centric journey.

As the global leader in ticketing, Ticketmaster provides its customers the personalized experiences modern consumers expect. With millions of customers, providing fan-centric consumer journeys requires communication about customer needs and preferences across all lines of business. Using Salesforce, Ticketmaster can connect its customer data across its organization so it can meet customers’ expectations.

“When you need to message 100 million fans in real time across the world, you can’t do that without a platform like Salesforce,” said Bob Ritter, SVP Product Management.


Explore the products that are helping Ticketmaster grow.



Increase customer satisfaction using the #1 platform for service.


Strengthen your customer relationships with a world’s leading marketing platform.


Empower everyone to build apps on the #1 enterprise cloud platform.

Each fan is taken on a personalized journey.

With Marketing Cloud, Ticketmaster can connect channels like email and mobile to create compelling experiences, personalized to each of the millions of fans who use Ticketmaster each year.

“Marketing Cloud enables us to give the right communications at the right time to the right fans at scale.” Bob Ritter, SVP Product Management.

Ticketmaster is deeply aware of their different customer needs and personas. “Speaking to a father who wants to take his daughter to a concert is very different than if you are talking to a young millennial. The conversation after you purchase a ticket is about giving you helpful guidance on that march up to your event date. Where am I going to park? How am I going to get there?” said Kathryn Frederick, Chief Marketing Officer.

Service agents now deliver white glove treatment at scale.

Once fans purchase a ticket using Ticketmaster, they may need to seek support to ask questions about their purchase or to make changes. Each interaction is an opportunity to deliver value and create deeper relationships.

With Service Cloud, Ticketmaster gives service agents an easy-to-use, unified view of every customer interaction across the business, along with powerful productivity tools for consistent service every time.


Ticketmaster uses data to support customers more productively.

When Ticketmaster partners with clients to put on live events, insights and data are invaluable. Switching to Salesforce Lightning provided Ticketmaster sales reps with a 360-degree view of the customer, placing the power of data right at their fingertips. With Lightning, Ticketmaster is able to more effectively engage and service their clients, so they can create more amazing experiences for their fans.

“Having the tools that we need to drive innovation in our business has been paramount to our success. Things like artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to ask and answer questions much faster than we ever could have in the history of the company. Salesforce has been at the center of that,” said Justin Burleigh, Chief Product Officer.


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