Get a year’s worth of learning in a single day. Join us in New York for an action-packed day of power sessions for every role. Check back soon for full session details.

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8:30 a.m. - 9:10 a.m.

  • Small Business Kickoff
    Your focus needs be on customers, the growth engine of your business. So your small business has a lot to gain from innovations that help you quickly connect the dots and manage relationships more effectively. Whether you are trying to find, win or keep customers, join us to learn about the latest and greatest designed with your small business in mind.
  • The Future of Intelligent Selling
    Despite the availability of information, research shows that 8 in 10 sales reps are unprepared and fail to create value with buyers. Join to learn how the right information in Salesforce can help your organization grow faster by improving how sales and marketing connect with customers. See how is evolving to better arm your sales team and make Sales Cloud your competitive advantage.
  • Break Social Out of its Silo & Strategically Leverage Channels Enterprise-Wide
    From the 1960s until now, the call center industry has changed so dramatically that the idea of a center is obsolete. Today, world-class customer experience is delivered enterprise wide by a network of business services across business units. Using social media as a microcosm of this, we'll leverage customer insight videos, research and use cases from Fortune 500 organizations to demonstrate how social can create a collaborative environment that supports customers, partners and employees.
  • The New Social Marketing: How B2B and B2C Brands Deliver Exceptional Experiences
    The number of social networks, participants and digital content has exploded in recent years. Social marketing strategies now need to evolve to reach and stay relevant to savvy customers. In this session learn how leading B2B and B2C brands are integrating social into multi-channel marketing programs that are growing their business. Gain real-world tips from leading brands as we explore how content, the visual web, targeting and advertising are the new toolsets for today's social marketer.
  • New Features for Salesforce Admins
    Admins are the leaders who can guide their businesses to the future. Learn how to leverage the Lightning Experience and new features of Salesforce to drive innovation, tackle inefficiency and increase productivity.

11:45 a.m. - 12:25 p.m.

  • Sales Cloud 101: Getting to Know the World's #1 CRM
    Want to see what makes Sales Cloud the worldwide leader in CRM? Come experience Sales Cloud up close and personal and see how it transforms the way companies sell--helping them be more productive, make more insightful decisions, and close more deals. You'll also get an up-close look at the all-new Lightning Experience. This session is geared towards beginners and people who are unfamiliar with Salesforce.

1:00 p.m. - 1:40 p.m.

  • Introducing the Salesforce IoT Cloud
    How do you connect the internet of things with the Customer Success Platform? Join Adam Bosworth, EVP of the Salesforce IoT Cloud to learn how companies of all sizes are connecting data from their devices, sensors, websites and more using our Latest Salesforce technology and turning this data into meaningful actions for their customers.
  • Community Cloud for Financial Services
    Ask and Answer Session on how Community Cloud helps Financial Services companies increase loan volume and businesses improve customer satisfaction. This is your opportunity to participate in a dynamic session that allows you to ask questions of our expert panel featuring customers and enablement partners.
  • How Salesforce Uses Marketing Cloud
    Customer journeys are no longer just for the marketing department - they transcend all aspects of the business. Join us to learn how we use our own technology to deliver personalized, cross-channel experiences across departments at Salesforce. You'll see real-world examples of how Marketing Cloud powers journeys to onboard our customers, app users and even our employees.
  • The Road to Becoming a Connected Nonprofit
    Leading nonprofits are advancing their missions by leveraging cloud, social, and mobile technologies that connect their organizations, data, and constituents in whole new ways. Connected nonprofits take their fundraising, programs, community engagement, data analysis, and marketing efforts to the next level, while getting real-time insights anywhere, from any device. Hear first-hand from innovative social sector organizations on how they leverage Salesforce's platform to make greater impact.
  • Circle of Success: Track and Move the Adoption Needle
    Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn how to empower managers and individual contributors for achieving a higher level of Salesforce adoption. We will discuss strategies that help increase the value of Salesforce among the users, thus positively impacting the acceptance and usage of Salesforce in your organization.
  • Sales Cloud: Best Practices to Go from Good to Great
    Do you have a plan for ensuring success with Sales Cloud? Do you know how your organization can achieve the best results, maximize sales performance, and ensure widespread adoption? In this session, we'll walk you through the critical steps and best practices sales organizations should follow You'll see demonstrations of great features and hear from customers who have achieved amazing sales results and will explain firsthand how they did it. As well, you'll get a sneak peak into what exciting new features we're working on for future releases of the Sales Cloud.
  • Sell More Through Predictive Data Science
    Lead Scoring is just the first step in predictive analytics for sales teams. Sales Acceleration technology from leverages predictive analytics to prescribe specific sales activities for every aspect of your selling motion. Join us to see how thousands of customers are growing revenue by as much as 30% in as little as 90 days.

2:00 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.

  • Analytics Cloud: The Best Analytics for Salesforce Customers
    Launched at Dreamforce 2014, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud was built for any user, any data, and any device. We're excited to unveil the next wave of the Analytics Cloud to help every Salesforce customer instantly go from data, to insight, to action. Join Product Marketers Jamie Domenici and Anna Rosenman to learn what's new, see the product in action, and hear from customers who are experiencing unparalleled success with the Analytics Cloud.
  • AppExchange for Everyone: Apps That Make a Huge Difference
    With over 2,800 apps on the AppExchange you can run your entire business on Salesforce. In this session you will hear customers share best ways to extend Sales and Service Cloud as well as how AppExchange can power solutions for every department with free and paid apps. Learn why over 79% of Salesforce customers use AppExchange apps.
  • Precision is the Future of Healthcare & Life Sciences
    New reimbursement models, wearables, medical technologies and consumer expectations are driving the shift to the patient. Hear Salesforce's Chief Medical Officer, Joshua Newman MD and leading hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical and medical device companies share inspiring stories on how precision - personalized, proactive patient/member experience - is the future of healthcare. See live demos of the Salesforce Health Cloud driving precision with real-time collaboration, connected data and advanced analytics.
  • App Cloud Keynote: Experience a New Way to Build Apps
    The app revolution is here. What are you doing about it? Join Salesforce experts and App Cloud customers to learn how IT leaders can take advantage of the world's #1 Application Platform as a Service to transform their companies by delivering engaging and secure, enterprise applications for every part of the business. See updates on the latest product innovations from, Heroku, Lightning and more, and learn how you can deliver apps at the speed of business, with Salesforce App Cloud.
  • Circle of Success: Become a Data Management Rockstar
    Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to understand how simple concepts such as naming standards and validation rules can have a positive impact on data. We will also discuss best practices for using Salesforce functionality and tools that impact effective data management.
  • Marketing Cloud: The Dawn of the Digital Marketer
    The sun is rising on the future of marketing. Customers are engaging with brands they love on digital channels like never before, and new technology is further enabling ways for companies to impress customers every day. The dawn of the digital marketer is upon us — a new era of communication and connectivity. Join us and learn how customers like McDonald’s, HauteLook, Mattel, Room & Board, and ALEX AND ANI are cultivating 1-to-1 customer experiences across Sales, Service, Community, Analytics, Platforms, Apps, and the Internet of Things.
  • Accenture: New York Life’s Journey of Process Automation & Governance with Salesforce
    Join Simon Walsh from New York Life to hear about the journey of their Salesforce implementation from the perspective of a Fortune 100 Company. Learn more about the importance of workflow, manager on-boarding, process automation (Visualforce), and the value of governance (COE), with both the business and technology sides working together seamlessly.

3:00 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.

  • 5 Best Practices to Build a Scalable Customer Experience
    Keeping customers happy and loyal drives growth, but how do you build an amazing customer experience that will scale with your business? Join us to hear five best practices that will help you kick-start and refine your customer experience strategy as well as examples from local small and medium-sized companies that grow faster with a focus on customer service.
  • Meet Pardot: Drive Sales with Intelligent B2B Marketing by Salesforce
    Did you know that 65% of B2B buyers have already made a purchase decision by the time they engage with a vendor sales rep professional (IDC)? Join us to get an inside look at Pardot, the sales and marketing secret weapon that allows you to intelligently engage with your buyers from click to close. Learn how adding marketing automation to your CRM can help you fill your pipeline, personalize the buying process at scale, and empower your sales and marketing teams to better market, sell, and engage in today's buyer-driven world.
  • How to Maximize your Email Marketing by Adding Predictive Content, Mobile, & Ads
    Email remains the cornerstone of most marketing strategies - no other channel is more effective at getting and keeping customers engaged. Yet many marketers fail to realize email's full potential by not pairing it with other solutions. Join us to learn how to further leverage your hard-earned subscribers and data through the addition of predictive content, mobile and advertising. You'll leave with quick-win tactics you can implement immediately, as well as real-world tips from leading brands.
  • Changing Campus Culture and Growing Enrollment with Salesforce for Higher Ed
    "That's the way we've always done it" is a phrase all too common in higher education. Sometimes change is not only good, it's necessary. This session will dive into why some challenges are about more than outdated processes - they're about campus culture. Hear how Western Connecticut State University used Salesforce to not only update technology and create efficiencies, but spark a positive change in campus culture as well. WCSU will discuss their journey to becoming a Connected Campus and how, within one year of implementing Salesforce, they were able to increase applications by 8% and increase yield for both freshman and transfer students.
  • Circle of Success: Drive Metrics Using Reports and Dashboards
    Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn about the leading Key Performance Indicators that drive the reports and dashboards you rely on to make your most important business decisions. We will discuss best practices for identifying, creating, managing, and assigning metrics in your business.
  • Keynote: The Future of Financial Services
    The financial services industry has moved from defense to offense. Leaders are clear the industry has to disrupt itself or be disrupted. Join Simon Mulcahy, GM of Financial Services at Salesforce to hear and see what Salesforce is building specifically for Financial Services. You'll hear from Geoffrey Moore, best selling author of Crossing The Chasm, and Jackie Uhi, Managing Director at Barclays, on the trends and the technology that is re-inventing customer and employee experiences in financial services.
  • Align Sales and Service to Engage the Connected Customer
    Your customers are 100% connected with social, mobile, and the cloud. Trillions of customer transactions are happening all around us. Are your sales and service teams connected and are they meeting the growing demands of these connected customers? This session will show you how to take your Salesforce deployment to the next level. See how the new Salesforce Customer Engagement Solution combines Sales, Service, and App Cloud to create engaging experiences that will delight your customers.

4:00 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.

  • Modern App Development on the App Cloud
    We are living in a new world where apps drive how we experience home, work, and even what we wear. These apps live on all kinds of devices, from mobile phones to mobile wear, where everything is now connected. As a developer, how do you make sense of all this data? How do you build apps that leverage it at precisely the right time, combine it with incredible user experience, and use the development tools and frameworks you love? Join this session to learn about some of the newest developer technologies in the App Cloud to help enable you to build modern enterprise applications.
  • SalesforceIQ: The Future of Selling is Here
    Salesforce is once again raising the bar of innovation by delivering SalesforceIQ. Powered by groundbreaking Relationship Intelligence technology, the new SalesforceIQ for Small Business and SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud are transforming selling for businesses of every size and industry. Join SalesforceIQ and special guests to discover the future of selling. Learn how SalesforceIQ can empower all World Tour attendees to sell smarter, sell faster and ultimately, close more deals.
  • Rise of the Connected Government in New York City
    Government is in the midst of a profound transformation. Innovators from the private sector are redefining user expectations, and new data sources are changing program requirements to better support missions of 21st century government. Come hear how departments and agencies in the greater New York area are using the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to fully enable a mobile workforce, focus more of their efforts on mission-critical activities, and align teams around the priorities of their citizens.
  • Choosing the Right Solution: When to Use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or Both
    Whether you're marketing a B2B or B2C business--and regardless of your company's size or industry--Salesforce has several solutions to help you achieve your goals. Join us to discover the ideal fit for your needs. In this session, we'll guide you through the questions you should ask yourself so that you can determine if you should use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or both.
  • Circle of Success: Weathering the Storm of Change Management
    Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn how you can best manage ongoing Salesforce changes to keep current with ever-changing business needs. We will share strategies on who to include when planning for change, how to entice users to provide feedback, and what you should be thinking of when developing a change process to drive Salesforce ROI.
  • A New Era of Service for the Connected World
    Customer service is evolving as customers are increasingly connected to each other, to their devices and to more products than ever before. Join Service Cloud and guests to learn how organizations of all sizes and across all industries are using Service Cloud to deliver in-context service everywhere, supercharge agent productivity and provide smarter support in today's hyper-connected world. Come learn how to create and execute a vision for customer service to meet and exceed the needs of your customers.

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