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A group benefits portal showing a timeline and access to medical premium information.

Transform your group benefits business with trusted data and AI.

Salesforce group benefits administration software consolidates and streamlines front- and middle-office operations with a digital platform for product management, sales, and renewals. The code-free solution enables you to unify siloed data, increase speed to market, achieve greater operational efficiencies, and provide best-in-class omni-channel experiences.

Insurers around the world are driving efficient growth with Salesforce benefits administration software.


Optimize insurance distribution management.

Equip your teams with tools to view and manage distribution partners and automate workflows with a powerful group benefits administration system.

How it works:

  • Enhance broker strategy. Inform broker and independent agent strategy with a producer contribution dashboard..
  • Facilitate broker onboarding. Make it easy for producers to sign up through an interactive producer portal.
  • Plan broker engagements. Use recommended actions to improve producer relationships, plan activities with workflows, and deliver training resources for agents.

Scale service with a powerful group benefits administration system.

Support ongoing benefits administration and service requests throughout the year, including adding new members, changing dependents, and sending ID cards with Salesforce benefits administration software.

How it works:

  • Delight policyholders with self-service. Empower customers with smart solutions, reduce inbound calls, capture digital interactions, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Drive agent efficiency. Increase agent/rep productivity by auto-generating responses and providing conversation insights, summaries, and knowledge articles – all through a single view.
  • Enable client swarming. Accelerate case resolution by collaborating with experts to resolve issues and ensure satisfaction.
  • Generate better insights. Access dashboards and generated narratives that show the impact of carrier and agency interactions, rate activity, claim, and underwriting.

Automate insurance claims.

With Salesforce benefits administration software, insurers can personalize the policyholder experience. Manage the entire claims lifecycle, including First Notice of Loss intake that drives adjudication, reserve management, payment, and more.

How it works:

  • Simplify First Notice of Loss. Deliver highly configurable, omni-channel claim intake available via web, smartphone, contact center, and chat.
  • Reduce claim cycle time. Automate claims workflows and easily surface all claims activities in a single view. Invoke rules to advance a claim through defined states. Tie actions to state transitions, such as logging, integration, and notifications.
  • Create customer-centric processes. Empower adjusters with access to a 360-degree view of every policyholder that allows them to deliver seamless and personalized digital claims experiences.
  • Remain agile. Deploy an end-to-end solution or integrate digital capabilities with your existing core claims system.

Group Benefits FAQ

Salesforce is the world’s #1 AI customer relationship management platform. Salesforce’s benefits administration software for insurance empowers insurers and their distribution partners to manage all core operations — front, middle, and back office – from one system.

Salesforce has an open API architecture that works with other systems. The Salesforce platform has purpose-built solutions across the insurance value chain, from product modeling to policy and claims management. You can harmonize data from multiple systems and gain insights for efficient growth.

Contact centers face challenges with siloed systems, making CSRs navigate multiple platforms. Salesforce seamlessly integrates with core policy and claims systems. AI capabilities like Einstein enable CSRs to anticipate customer needs, keeping policyholders informed, and reducing call volumes.

Group benefits administration software is a specialized tool that manages and automates the administration of employee benefits within a group, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee perks.

Group benefits administration software is crucial for efficiently managing and automating employee benefit programs. It simplifies enrollment, enhances accuracy, ensures compliance, and improves employee satisfaction and retention.

Group benefits administration software streamlines enrollment, improves accuracy, enhances compliance, and boosts efficiency in managing employee benefit programs. It ensures a seamless process, fostering employee satisfaction and retention.

Select the right group benefits administration software by evaluating your needs, considering user-friendliness, scalability, compliance features, and integration capabilities while ensuring alignment with your organization's goals and requirements.