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Keep up the Good Work: 3 Ways CRM Can Improve Employee Performance

As any business leader will tell you, just because an employee is on the clock, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are working. Internet-based distractions are becoming ever more prevalent, with 77% of employees admitting to using social media at work, even when prohibited by workplace policies. Social sites and internet surfing aren’t the only problem, either. Personal telephone calls and texts, non-productive coworker interactions, snack or smoke breaks — the list of potential productivity killers is potentially endless.

On the other hand, sometimes the policies companies inact to curb time wasting are just as problematic. Limiting internet access, for example, has been shown to lead to an increase in personal smartphone use in the office, where employees are likely to spend even more time surfing the internet than they would on an office computer. In fact, 31.49% of companies use website blockers, and 10.3% rely on general internet-use policies, despite the fact that such restrictions are generally ineffective.

With this in mind, many organizations are looking for a way to boost office productivity without resorting to repressive policies or constantly looking over employee shoulders. Thankfully, just as technology is making it easier for workers to waste time, it’s also making it possible for businesses to boost employee productivity. The solution lies with customer relationship management (CRM).
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CRM Isn’t Just for Helping Customers.

Despite its name, CRM is about more than just bridging the gap between customers and businesses. The advanced capabilities of an effective CRM can also be put to work improving employee productivity. This is because, at its heart, CRM is essentially an enhanced data-gathering, data-storage, and communication tool.

Reliable, accessible data, combined with the ability to improve communication, empower businesses to create highly effective one-on-one customer journeys, and to optimize customer support. Data, communication, tools, and support — these are exactly the kinds of things that employees depend on to be able to do their jobs wells.

With the right CRM tool, you’ll be able to give your workforce exactly what they need to keep up the good work. Here are three ways to improve work performance using CRM:

1. Give reliable employee evaluations.
Performance reviews are an aspect of the corporate world many participants would rather just skip. They can be awkward or even confrontational, and some workers wonder whether performance reviews are really necessary, or just a way for upper management to justify their paycheck. However, regular feedback on performance is actually a key indicator of an effective workforce.

43% of highly engaged employees receive performance feedback on at least a weekly basis. When you take the time to objectively evaluate employee performance, you give your workforce the best opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. CRMs that offer detailed customization or third-party app integration make it possible for management to gather enough employee performance data to develop a detailed employee profile, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and easily converting performance data into visually impactful reports.

Feedback leads to improved productivity. In fact, 92% of employees agree that even negative feedback (delivered in an appropriate way) improves performance, and 60% of employees would like feedback on a weekly or even daily basis. CRM data collection and analysis can be used to tailor performance measurement to fit the unique needs of your organization, and to create highly accurate performance summaries, so that employees always know exactly where they stand, what they’re doing right, and how they can improve.

2. Motivate with coaching and recognition.
Sometimes, employee disengagement isn’t a choice. Undertrained employees are naturally less productive. According to the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce, a 10% workplace education increase leads to a boost of 8.6% in total productivity. Communication and support tools built into a superior CRM solution ensure that everyone involved has the knowledge they need to do their jobs well, and that they can easily get help when the situation calls for it.

Use CRM tools to track results, quantify goals, and hone the coaching process. Communication tools allow newer team members to mentor under more experienced colleagues, and to collaborate together on projects. In-house, CRM-enhanced IT support can also help bring new hires up to speed on the technologies that keep you in business, leading to an onboarding processes that is as seamless as it is accelerated. Likewise, even seasoned employees benefit from coaching, with ongoing training producing 50% higher net sales per employee.

CRM can also be used to recognize top performers, motivating the entire workforce to give their best performance, publically showcasing the most productive workers in a single, central location, and giving every employee something to aspire to.

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3. Empower individuals.
Often, a difficult task can be its own worst enemy. When employees find themselves struggling to do their job, the natural result may be to pull back, lose motivation, or just give up. On the other hand, when workers are able to do their jobs well, their outlook becomes more positive, and a study from economists at the University of Warwick found that positive, happy employees are 12% more productive.
CRM users see, on average, an ROI of over 800% for their CRM investment, demonstrating just how effectively the right CRM solution can boost employee success. The tools to connect with leads and clients in meaningful ways simplify the entire sales and marketing processes, resulting in a workforce that is more likely to reach its goals, and far more likely to go home happy at the end of the day.

CRM Stands for Productivity.

Being on the clock doesn’t necessarily mean being on the job. The right CRM solutions can empower your people to produce better results, because they’ll have better support. After all, layoffs and restrictive policies may be like the doctor that treats the symptom, rather than the disease, and in the end, that only leads to a partial solution. On the other hand, with the right data, tools, and support, they’ll have everything they need to keep up the good work.

Take advantage of CRM to help your workforce get the most out of their business day, and they’ll give your business more in return.

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