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Here's why Salesforce Is the Industry's Most Innovative Business Solution

There's no denying that Salesforce is a valued and important part of the customer success strategies at some of the world's most successful businesses ' with over 150,000 customers, there's no shortage of enthusiastic customer reviews.

Salesforce is the leader in CRM solutions'here's why:

Yet it's not only Salesforce's customers who are singing its praises; Gartner has named Salesforce its #1 CRM Software Provider for three consecutive years, and Salesforce has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SFA for nine years.

So what is it about Salesforce that continues to astound reviewers across the board? Is it Salesforce's ease of use? Is it the fact that Salesforce can be customized to meet the CRM needs of virtually any organization? Is it the way Salesforce combines automation and analytics to create a system that not only improves customer relationships, but also improves itself through continued use?

The answer to each of these questions is a resounding yes, but there's more to it than that. The simple truth is that the entirety of Salesforce's success is a direct result of one key ideal: innovation.

With dozens of CRM solutions available on the market ' and more being introduced every year ' Salesforce has maintained its superiority through constant adaptation and innovative business solutions. As such, it has been able to remain relevant and cutting-edge in a sometimes unstable market.

Here's how:

  • Sales. By collecting and organizing all critical customer data onto a single, unified platform, a company's sales representatives can view contact information, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks, and track overall performance. This means a more efficient journey through the sales pipeline, with fewer leads lost in the process.
  • Customer Service. Salesforce enables organizations to build online customer communities where clients can come together to share ideas and solve problems. Agents can also connect more easily with customers through a variety of channels, so that solutions to even the most pressing customer problems are seldom more than a few clicks away.
  • Marketing. While traditional marketing approaches cast a big net in the hopes of bringing in a large number of leads, the reality is that every customer is an individual. And as individuals, they require personal, individualized marketing. Salesforce lets you create targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that take advantage of email, social media, and other channels, and that use real-time analytics to improve effectiveness through every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Infrastructure. By implementing a software as a service (SaaS) model rather than using traditional customer support software, Salesforce helps users avoid issues related to deployment time, hardware/software incompatibility, and program maintenance.
  • Flexibility. Even with so many CRM solutions available, the likelihood of an organization finding one that perfectly conforms to its own unique processes is slim. But rather than force businesses to adapt, Salesforce offers the ability to customize its solution and augment it with apps to provide almost limitless configurations to suit the unique needs of the business.
  • Analytics. One of the most valuable factors to the overall success of a business is data. Salesforce is designed to not only collect data for improved reporting, but also to analyze that data to assist organizations in reaching actionable conclusions. With Salesforce, no valuable information is ever in danger of slipping through the cracks.

Creating innovative business systems is at the center of the entire Salesforce philosophy, a focus that has been recognized and celebrated time and time again. In fact, Salesforce has been at or near the top of the Forbes Most Innovative Companies list for the past five years, and currently holds the number two spot.

Simply put, Salesforce focuses on innovation in everything it does, because innovation is what customers need, and a CRM solution that doesn't fill a need is hardly a CRM solution at all.

Summary: Of the numerous advantages offered by Salesforce, those that stand out the most are Salesforce's ability to increase business performance, its comprehensive approach to CRM, its advanced security, its enhanced customization capabilities, its library of CRM-extending apps, and, perhaps best of all, its unmatched ROI.

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