Trust is our #1 value.

Our customers trust us to help them build meaningful relationships with their own customers. Salesforce’s top priority is the security and privacy of the data that we are entrusted to protect.

Learn about data transfer mechanisms, including the new SCCs, in Salesforce's FAQ about transfers of personal data


Turn data privacy into an opportunity to enhance customer experiences.

As the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce provides companies like yours with the tools to build trust while enhancing customer experiences. Gain increased transparency and control of your customers’ data, all while harnessing the power of that data to connect with customers in new ways.

Privacy for every customer

No matter where your customers are located, we care about helping you protect their personal data.

Comprehensive privacy and security standards

We safeguard our customers’ data with a robust, comprehensive, and transparent privacy and security program.

Global privacy support

Salesforce helps our customers operate globally in compliance with applicable privacy laws. We make it easy for companies to protect and respect the privacy of their customers' data.

Privacy on the world’s #1 CRM

Our trusted cloud makes it possible for global companies to leverage the world’s #1 CRM platform. Salesforce’s cloud services are designed to help customers comply with privacy laws around the world.

We have five privacy principles that highlight our commitment to trust.



We are clear about our practices so that you can understand how your data is collected and used.


We design our products to ensure you remain in control of your data, at all times.


We protect your data at all times, using strong security measures that are regularly verified by internal safeguards and external auditors.


We operate a high standard designed so you can operate around the world, including in regions with strict privacy rules for data handling.


Safeguarding data is a team effort. We listen to your feedback, and we provide information and customizable security and privacy tools to you.

Global Privacy Readiness

Build trust and transparency around your data with Salesforce.

Privacy Resources





Salesforce understands better customer experiences start with
data privacy.

Contact us if you have questions, comments, or requests related to Salesforce’s Privacy Statement, our data privacy practices, or how Salesforce embraces privacy and data protection laws.