WR Immigration leveraged Salesforce to raise the bar for legal tech.

WR Immigration has grown into an industry-leading example of how to use technology in law.

WR Immigration is a top-rated immigration law firm that provides strategic, client-centered services to corporations across the globe. With more than 40 attorneys and 150+ immigration professionals working out of offices across the United States and in Shanghai, WR Immigration is one of the fastest-growing immigration service providers worldwide. The firm provides corporate global visa services in more than 100 countries.

Building immigration programs for companies around the world means dealing with data. A lot of data. As WR Immigration grew, company leaders recognized the need to organize their large amount of client information — and transition from paperwork to technology. Partnering with Salesforce opened the door to a full technology stack — Slack, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and the Salesforce Platform — that makes navigating immigration laws easier for clients, as well as the WR Immigration team. They even built their own customer-facing portal, WRapid™, atop the Salesforce Platform.

WR Immigration has grown into an industry-leading example of how to use technology in law. Let’s take a closer look at some lessons your business can learn from their success:


1. Modernize your small business with a digital transformation.

WR Immigration was in need of a digital transformation. Immigration laws require lawyers to retain information and paperwork on their clients for several years before it may be destroyed. When your firm handles as many cases as WR Immigration does, all that paperwork piles up quickly. They needed a way to get out from under it. Enter Experience Cloud.

WATCH: Crystal Williams, Director of Technology Innovation at WR Immigration, articulates the value of having a single, digital, source of truth for all business and client data. She also talks about how Experience Cloud helps WR Immigration deliver better experiences for its clients.
Using Experience Cloud, WR Immigration built WRapid™, a customer-facing all-in-one tool for managing global mobility programs. It combines analytics, reporting, budgeting, forecasting capabilities, and case-processing efficiencies. Deploying Experience Cloud let WR Immigration digitize the paperwork while also opening up a better experience for its clients through the WRapid™ portal. The Experience Cloud-powered portal helps its clients facilitate case management — providing transparency in a complex process. Foreign nationals and HR representatives, across a wide variety of industries, comprise WR Immigration’s main Experience Cloud user base. Experience Cloud gives WR Immigration clients a seamless way to manage their immigration cases, including secure document upload, digital questionnaires, and real-time case status updates.
Leveraging Experience Cloud and Service Cloud together gave team members full 360-degree views of their customers. As we’ll see in the next section, this helps the WR Immigration team stay organized, which makes for a more efficient — and happier — workplace. To that end, WR Immigration is working on connecting key personal data from its clients’ Workday or other HRIS profiles (current job title, job duties, and salary) with Salesforce. If anything gets updated in Workday, the relevant fields in Salesforce update as well, automatically and securely.

2. Get organized and open communication channels.

Digitizing all its old files and new client information was a huge part of the transformation process for WR Immigration. The digital transformation also made it easier to tackle the next piece of the puzzle: Organizing all its legal cases.

Service Cloud gives WR Immigration a much-needed way to organize its many cases. Here’s how it works:

  • WR Immigration opens a new case in Service Cloud for someone who needs a visa
  • Service Cloud houses all the notes and personal private information securely
  • The case stays open in Service Cloud until the visa is dispersed
  • Legal reps from WR Immigration can also contact foreign nationals directly via Service Cloud and access all their case information through WRapid™

It’s a win-win for WR Immigration and its clients, fusing internal organization with an integrated channel for external communications. And client data is kept confidential and secure with Shield and Data Mask, Salesforce products that provide an extra layer of security to the Salesforce Platform. In order to comply with the relative laws and regulations specific to immigration, WR Immigration leveraged Shield to encrypt the data they collect in Salesforce natively — adding another layer of protection to PII, sensitive, confidential, and proprietary data. Extending their concern for client data to all parts of their organization, WR Immigration decided to implement Data Mask — which masks sensitive data in sandboxes — for their developer team working on iterating and improving WRapid™.

WR Immigration has also adopted Slack for internal and external communications. Internal team members use Slack to chat and connect with one another, including the use of audio huddles and video calls. Slack is also used to connect the WR Immigration team with folks outside of the firm, including HR professionals and WR Immigration’s own external team of paralegals. In all cases, Slack has fostered easier communication and more seamless collaboration between everyone, and WR Immigration is looking at ways to more deeply integrate the platform into their workflows.

3. Drive enterprise-scale results with a small marketing team.

How do you help a small marketing department do the work of an enterprise-scale team? Getting the right technology is a good place to start. For WR Immigration, that meant adding Marketing Cloud to its technology stack. Specifically, the company is using Account Engagement and Advertising — and finding success with both solutions.

Since our team is small, we love being able to use Account Engagement to automate flows and provide a seamless process for our clients.”

Crystal Williams | Director of Technology Innovation, WR Immigration

WR Immigration uses Account Engagement’s email automation technology to manage prospective client engagement and enhance the prospective client experience. When prospective clients receive emails, engage in informational webinars, or attend WR Immigration-hosted events, an automation kicks in, guiding them through a series of touchpoints with members of the WR Immigration team. Since the WR Immigration team is small, the automated flows help to guide clients through the visa/immigration legal processes seamlessly.

Advertising is being used to build brand awareness and build WR Immigration’s customer base. Still in its early stages, their small marketing team is driving WR Immigration’s Advertising efforts, with an eye toward capturing and analyzing marketing data to better inform new campaigns going forward.


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