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AAA’s personalized service puts 60 million in the driver’s seat.

Learn how AAA - The Auto Club Group reduced response times by 10% with automation.


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When drivers are in trouble, they call AAA. AAA trusts Salesforce to help identify exactly who the member is and what they need for personalized service in their time of need.

AAA become a household name by being a reliable, lifelong partner who shows up no matter what. The company’s growing member network of more than 60 million relies on the group's products and services to help during life’s toughest moments. More than 13 million of those members reside in The Auto Club Group’s region, which spans 14 U.S. states, the province of Quebec, and two U.S. territories.

With increasing expectations for faster and more accurate results, AAA - The Auto Club Group needed to deliver efficient, personalized service at scale. Now, it has access to real-time data to quote arrival times accurately, automate fleet deployment, and create a 360-degree view of customers’ needs. Whether in everyday moments or trying times, AAA - The Auto Club Group can provide first-class service to all its members.

Looking for a world-class technology solution, AAA - The Auto Club Group turned to Salesforce to upgrade its digital capabilities. Here’s how the company used automation and personalized service to achieve total digital transformation.

“We understand we’re not a software company. That’s why we’ve partnered with Salesforce to deliver digital engagements that consistently exceed member expectations.”

Scott VerBracken
VP, Automotive Services

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1. Automate roadside assistance to decrease response times by up to 10%.

Calling AAA Roadside Assistance from a busy highway requires different service than accidently locking your keys in your car. With more than 32 million roadside events per year, AAA - The Auto Club Group knew it needed to provide specialized service wherever and whenever members needed it.

“Being able to differentiate between a real-time emergency and an event where a member is safe at home allows us to reevaluate the capacity we have on the roadways and send a resource more promptly to a member in crisis,” said Scott VerBracken, VP, Automotive Services.

Using Service Cloud’s field service capabilities, reps can provide personalized service to members in crisis and quickly connect them to dispatch. From there, dispatchers can easily assign the case to a nearby service tech with the right tools and skills using Appointment Assistant. Service techs can seamlessly manage the entire experience, ranging from work order notifications to safety checklists, on the field service mobile app.

The best part? The entire process is automated, allowing the team to be more productive. This has allowed AAA - The Auto Club Group to decrease response times by up to 10%.

This approach has even helped the company reduce gas costs with more efficient scheduling that connects the closest and best qualified service tech to the right member. Plus, the team has optimized fleet management to ensure the right truck gets to the right service event, eliminating large truck costs for smaller or simpler requests.

faster response times with automation


The Transformation Playbook


Need top-notch field service that’s built for today?

With so many challenges to contend with today, your field service team must be built around agility, safety, and efficiency. Sound complicated? We've got you covered. With Salesforce Field Service, you’ll be able to deliver the trusted, on-time support your customers need. Check out the demo to see how these digital tools can help you:

  • Dynamically schedule and optimize resources
  • Streamline complex processes to improve asset performance
  • Leverage AI to help frontline workers complete work safely on time — every time

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2. Deflect 30% of cases using self-service capabilities.

Members that need help in a noncrisis situation like unlocking a door at home can self-service using the group's automated system. Once just a fraction of engagements, self-service now represents over 30% of member service events, saving both agents and members time.

Self-service also gives AAA - The Auto Club Group an easier way to differentiate between real-time emergencies and at-home appointment requests. In the past, all cases requested the same service through the same journey. Now, members are in the driver’s seat. They can visit the AAA - The Auto Club Group site or app to schedule noncrisis services at a time that works for them.

cases deflected with self-service
In this 2:12 video, learn how AAA uses automation to serve more customers no matter where they are -- rain or shine.

3. Create a single, 360-degree view of members by consolidating multiple lines of business.

Since AAA - The Auto Club Group serves multiple lines of business, from travel to insurance to finance, it had limited visibility into how members used and connected each product. With Financial Services Cloud, every employee across all departments can now see a complete profile of every member.

“As an organization, we offer a lot of different services to our members — including travel support, home and auto insurance, life insurance, and banking — and we needed a customer platform that aligned with our entire business,” said Madhu Nandagiri, VP, Infrastructure and Digital IT.

As a result, the entire organization can deliver personalized offerings across all lines of business. Specifically, all products and services owned by a member are now visible to sales and service agents, informing them how to better serve customer needs. This includes bundling products to help reduce annual insurance premiums, vacation packages, and competitive home and auto loans.

4. Build a scalable digital foundation for member-centric innovation.

AAA - The Auto Club Group can even plan for external unknowns like extreme weather. Using standard APIs and out-of-the-box Salesforce dashboards, the group integrates external data like weather and big events, visualizes the information, and uses it to staff teams accordingly. Planning ahead and anticipating member needs allows the organization to offer the highest quality service 24/7/365.

“We understand the impact weather can have on motorists. But understanding the impact is only a part of the equation,” said VerBracken. “Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, we want to ensure we have the right resources and skill sets allocated and ready to go whenever our members need us.”

5. Plan for the future with generative AI.

AAA - The Auto Club Group also plans to make it even easier for agents to provide the right support to customers with Einstein. Insurance policies can vary and often contain complex information agents need to sift through. Einstein will automatically pull the necessary content and then draft an appropriate response for the customer based on the information it already has.

The result? Faster support for customers and increased productivity for agents.

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