The Strategic Role of Service As Society Reopens

Customer expectations continue to evolve as we transition to an all-digital world. Service leaders are broadening how they think about service to provide customers with the personalized experiences they crave across traditional and emerging digital channels. Scroll down to learn key insights from industry thought leaders.

Reimagine the Contact Center

There’s No Turning Back: The Future of Service in a Post-Pandemic World

Hear how companies like Airbnb and OneUnited Bank are rethinking every aspect of customer service. In this video, you’ll learn how to prepare for the new world of service with tips for:

  • Successfully shifting to a hybrid or remote work model
  • Skilling up agents with on-the-job training and real-time coaching
  • Helping field service teams stay connected with video-based tools
  • Using automation to work efficiently and effectively
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Streamline Processes with Automation

Being Human in the Time of Automation

With the world splitting into two economies — the human economy and the machine economy — how do we feel more confident about being happy and successful in a machine-filled future?

By focusing on what machines can't do rather than what they can do, we have a chance to do something truly unprecedented. To stop working like machines, and start working like humans.”

Kevin Roose | New York Times, Author

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Connect All Digital Experiences

Sonos Creates Connected Customer Experiences to Amplify Relationships

Learn how Sonos adapted to customer needs during the pandemic with one integrated platform.

There's a time in a customer's journey where they might run into an issue or a problem, and that is a defining moment where you can either rise to the occasion and help them or not. If you can address it, you raise the value in the mind of the customer.”

Patrick Spence | CEO, Sonos

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