How Can You Grow Digital Sales? This Team Shows The Way

Stream Simply Put, our new video series with Armstrong Steel and Emmanuel Acho.

How can you skill up your teams to take on the new challenges of digital sales? Armstrong Steel — a manufacturer that helps customers create the buildings of their dreams — has walked this path already. In our new video series, Simply Put, we tell their story.

Step into the shoes of every team member: the sales leader, the sales manager, the Salesforce administrator, and the sales rep. Stream all four episodes below.

Meet the Simply Put hosts.

Emmanuel Acho
NYT bestselling author, host of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” and Fox Sports analyst
Fatima Mekkaoui
Enterprise account director at Salesforce who loves taking Trailblazers through digital transformation

Episode 1: Sales reps are more efficient, thanks to sales ops.

Your team might not be selling steel buildings. But you can probably relate to Sean Andrews, a Salesforce developer at Armstrong Steel, who was tasked with changing his team’s sales technology. In the end, Armstrong Steel reduced quoting errors by 50% — and saved over 3 hours a day tracking call recordings.

In this video, learn how Sean implemented Einstein Conversation Insights and Sales Dialer to propel digital growth.

Episode 2: A sales leader finds new ways to manage her team remotely.

Brooke Gerhardt, director of sales at Armstrong Steel, had to keep her reps motivated with personalized coaching from afar. She learned that skilling up her people meant skilling up herself.

In this video, learn how conversational intelligence can help leaders coach their reps.

Episode 3: A sales manager takes on the future as the scope of selling changes.

A truly digital sales team keeps up the productivity even as new selling processes emerge and old methods fade away. Alex Searls, senior sales manager at Armstrong Steel, found a way to keep his reps up to speed, when best practices were changing fast.

In this video, learn how Sales Cadences can help a digital sales team get into lockstep.

Episode 4: A sales rep learns new ways to connect and break through the noise.

Even with digital change, sales will always boil down to one sales rep talking to one customer. It’s just that today, sales reps have limited time to make a big impact with customers. Charlie Newton, a building consultant at Armstrong Steel, shares his experience of breaking through.

In this video, learn how Charlie brings more value to the table with account and opportunity insights.

Ready to skill up your team?

We can’t predict the future of sales. But new sales processes are here to stay, in this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Manufacturers like Armstrong Steel told us that digitizing their sales and operations sped up time to revenue by 55%.

Check out the resources below to learn how to skill up your workforce for the coming decade.


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