Business or pleasure? Airbnb blends both in one-of-a-kind stays.

Discover how Airbnb creates a culture of connectedness to better support hosts and guests.


As lines blur between work and life, Airbnb is equipping its employees with the connectedness they crave and the tools they need to help hosts deliver amazing guest experiences.

“Airbnb has a special culture where we really rely on interactions and collaboration,” said Lucius DiPhillips, CIO at Airbnb.

Learn how Airbnb:

  • Increases collaboration with Slack. Account managers can view the latest Airbnb releases like “Translation Engine,” which helps hosts relate better to globe-trotting guests. When questions arise, group huddle conversations and clips improve connectedness and belonging across time zones.
  • Builds a data-driven culture with Tableau. Wherever they are, teams can slice and dice, drag and drop, and visualize their business. Market managers might notice that some hosts could use tips and tricks to improve their ratings, for example.
  • Increases visibility with Sales Cloud. Sales managers have greater visibility into regional team data, such as portfolios of listings and service features used. With data in one place, sales managers can provide tailored coaching to their market managers in less time – ultimately improving the host experience.

Guest Speakers


Lucius DiPhillips
CIO, Airbnb

Lucius DiPhillips is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Airbnb and serves as the executive sponsor for several diversity and belonging groups and initiatives across the company.


Quyen Chang
Global Head of Revenue Enablement, Airbnb

Quyen “Q” Chang is a leader responsible for building and scaling programs and tools to enable the success of Airbnb’s revenue teams.



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