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Find legal information and resources whether you are a prospective or existing customer, partner or service provider. You'll find answers to questions about our agreement terms, policies, intellectual property, and compliance, as well as how we uphold Trust as our #1 value.

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For Customers

Learn more about the terms associated with the purchasing of Salesforce products.

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Find documentation and information regarding partner and alliances agreements.

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Get information and documentation around Salesforce's relationships and agreements with Suppliers.

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Privacy Information

Find resources and documentation on how Salesforce protects you and your information.


Get information and documentation around how Salesforce maintains compliance with local and international laws, as well as accessibility. Learn about how Salesforce ensures innovation is balanced with ethical use here.

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At Salesforce, Trust has always been our #1 value and the cornerstone of our business. From ensuring data privacy and protection to responsible and ethical product innovation, trust underscores everything we do.

Sabastian Niles
President and Chief Legal Officer , Salesforce

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