Paula Goldman joins Salesforce as Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer.

Paula Goldman joins Salesforce as Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer.


We know that technology is not inherently good or bad; it's what we do with it that matters. And that's why we're making the ethical and humane use of technology a strategic focus at Salesforce.”

Marc Benioff, Chairman and Co-CEO, Salesforce

The ethical use of technology is the way forward.

We recognize the transformative power of the technologies we create and their role in being a force for good around the world. That's why we are striving to develop and use our products in an ethical manner that upholds the basic human rights of every individual. 

Core to this effort is the establishment of the first-ever Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology. The office will merge law, policy, and ethics to develop and implement a strategic framework for the ethical and humane use of technology across Salesforce.

We understand that we have a broader responsibility to society, and aspire to create technology that not only drives the success of our customers, but also drives positive social change and benefits humanity.


Our approach.

Engaging Stakeholders

We are responsible to our stakeholders, which include our employees, customers, partners, and communities where we do business. We will engage our stakeholders as we journey down this path together. We may not always agree, but we are committed to a transparent process guided by our core values and guiding principles.

Engaging Experts

While the industry’s focus on the ethical application of technology is new, its study is as old as technology itself. We will follow a multi-stakeholder engagement model to draw upon the expertise of recognized leaders in this field and established frameworks to guide us as we work to ensure the ethical development and use of our products.

Generating Insights

In addition to gathering input from experts and our stakeholders, we’ll leverage our own research expertise to uncover new insights in the ethical development and use of technology. Our goal is to leverage data-driven insights on emerging trends in the field to build a movement toward more ethical application of products in our industry.

New Research: In October 2018, the Salesforce Research team surveyed 2,400+ consumers in the US to further understand consumer sentiment around the opportunities for responsible business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Here are a few key stats, with full report below:


What does ethical leadership and business look like in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Insights from over 2,400 consumers.


Ethical Use Advisory Council

We are not alone — our entire industry is grappling with the human and societal impacts of modern technologies. Together, the issues we face are significant, and we know we can't tackle them alone. That is why we've convened some of the top experts in ethics, technology, and corporate trust to guide us on our journey.

The Advisory Council to the Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology is composed of a diverse group of frontline and executive employees — as well as academics, industry experts, and society leaders from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell Tech, and more. 


Our commitment.

Our company values embody a long-standing respect for the fundamental protection of human rights, consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”


Ethical and Humane Use Sessions from Dreamforce '18


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