We believe that business is the world’s greatest platform for change.

We’re leveraging our technology, our people, and our influence to improve the state of the world. We’re guided by our values and commitment to serving a broader set of stakeholders. Every year we produce this comprehensive Stakeholder Impact Report so that key stakeholders can stay informed and track our progress.

What is stakeholder capitalism?

A system in which corporate purpose is based on a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders — customers, employees, partners, communities, the planet, and society — rather than just shareholders. 

Our Progress


$588 million

in grants to build a more just and equitable society


renewable energy and net zero residual emissions across our full value chain


nonprofit and higher education customers

9.3 million

new jobs by 2026 by Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners

Check out these highlights.


Quality Education

We believe equality starts with education. When students are engaged in learning they blaze trails towards a brighter future. Our public education investments, such as Circle the Schools and Australian Schools Plus, aim to help students thrive in tomorrow's workplace. We provide purpose-built technology for education to support learners from anywhere.

Gender Equality

It’s our responsibility to further Equality for All. We strive to create a workplace that reflects our diverse communities and empowers everyone to bring their full selves to work. We are committed to equal pay for equal work and conduct an annual pay assessment to adjust salaries. To elevate the conversation around gender equality, we host an annual Trailblazing Women Summit.

Affordable and
Clean Energy

Salesforce achieved 100% renewable energy, purchasing enough renewable energy to match all electricity it uses globally. Since first committing to this goal in 2013, Salesforce has been working to accelerate the global transition to clean and renewable sources of electricity with the aim of a future where renewable energy is powering the world around the clock. Read more in our report, More Than a Megawatt.

Decent Work and
Economic Growth

Salesforce is committed to workforce development through a set of diverse programs to ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities of the future by creating and supporting career pathways for all.

Salesforce Ventures is uniquely positioned to catalyze the growth of companies that are building products and solutions to benefit society. The Impact Fund invests in companies that drive positive societal impact by addressing challenges like workforce development. 


Reduced Inequalities

Salesforce stands with the Black community against racism, violence, and hate — and for justice and equality. Our Racial Equality and Justice Task Force is taking action across four key areas: people, philanthropy, purchasing, and policy. The task force is composed of employees of all levels with related expertise to accelerate progress.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our design, procurement, and sustainability teams work in close partnership to drive sustainable design and healthy material standards in all of our real estate spaces, as well as partner with suppliers to create sustainable products. Salesforce is committed to achieving LEED Platinum certification for our marquee and headquarters buildings. Likewise, given that many employees work from home, we’ve published a guide on how to do so sustainably.

Climate Action

Salesforce has net zero residual emissions today, and our mission extends beyond our own operations to help the world’s largest businesses accelerate to net zero. In 2017, we were proud to hit net zero residual emissions for our operations and started delivering all of our customers a carbon-neutral cloud. In 2019, we included all emissions from business travel and employee commuting, and in 2021, we expanded our boundary for net zero to include our entire value chain by reducing emissions, achieving 100% renewable energy for our operations, and investing in high-quality carbon credits to help offset our remaining emissions.

Life on Land

By mobilizing and supporting the conservation, restoration, and growth of 100 million trees by the end of 2030, we aim to help slow rising temperatures, as well as stimulate biodiversity and restore some of the planet’s ecosystem. Salesforce also launched an Ocean Sustainability Program, which includes a goal to purchase 1 million tons of high-quality blue carbon credits, equivalent to more than $10 million USD.

Partnerships for the Goals

As the world continues to change rapidly and solving the most pressing issues becomes more complex, we believe cross-sector sector collaboration is essential. Salesforce.org's Impact Labs is a collaborative space for the design and development of solutions to address the toughest problems facing nonprofits and educators. Impact Labs leverages expertise from employees, technology, partners and customers to co-design and co-innovate for scalable impact.

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Read "Healthy Materials in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide."

Get to know the complex world of material optimization and learn about our approach to building a healthy workplace.

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