Grupo Globo boosts sales by 209% by maximizing platform performance.

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In the competitive streaming services sector, it’s not just the quality of the content that matters. Companies also need innovative technology and great customer service to attract — and retain — subscribers. This is something Brazil’s largest media company Grupo Globo knows well. 

Grupo Globo owns Globoplay, a subscription video-on-demand service that streams a billion hours of content every year. In 2014, the company implemented a multicloud technology and data platform to help better understand its subscribers, create more personalized customer experience, and increase customer engagement with its brand.

As a result of modernizing its data platform, the company can now tailor digital marketing journeys for Globoplay’s customers based on their profile and viewing history and deliver personalized recommendations. This has contributed to an increase in the number of subscribers, as well as the time subscribers spend viewing content. Having a consolidated view of customers also makes it simpler for customer service teams to assist subscribers on their preferred channels, improving service efficiency.

However, with the streaming service continuing to grow, Grupo Globo recently revisited its digital capabilities to future-proof the business. Here are three ways the company’s IT Director Samuel Dall’Agnol and his team are building on the company’s strong digital foundations to maximize the value of its technology.


1. Partner with experts to maximize existing digital capabilities.

Grupo Globo knows streaming services often experience spikes in user activity, and, as a result, a dramatic increase in workload. This requires flexible resource management to ensure operational consistency.

When the growing popularity of Globoplay resulted in huge numbers of consumers trying to subscribe to the streaming service in prime time, the company started having issues.

As a result, many consumers were unable to conclude their purchase of a subscription, leaving them frustrated and hampering the company’s growth goals.

To boost the capabilities of its existing technology solution and ensure it could support the sudden spikes in demand in prime time, Grupo Globo partnered with the world’s leading CRM experts.

This gave Grupo Globo access to a team of consultants and platform architects who were able to align with the company’s long-term business goals, future-proof its technology, and help it avoid over-customization and technical debt (the ongoing cost of convenient decisions made when implementing code).

“We got everything right from the first go when working with Professional Services. Before, we used to make some mistakes and we used to spend time refactoring.” Samuel Dall’Agnol, IT Director

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2. Review and redesign architecture to tackle pain points.

If higher than anticipated volumes of customer activity are hampering operational effectiveness, it may be necessary to review platform architecture.

For the team working with Grupo Globo, redesigning the company’s platform architecture was a critical first step in making it more scalable and flexible. Identifying and fixing issues, ranging from minor technical debts to more complex changes that impacted many systems, enabled the company to more effectively support the high volume of subscriber activity the company was experiencing.

The team’s architects also helped Grupo Globo customize its platform, adding new functionalities and different product offerings to its existing CRM platform.

“Our Salesforce Professional Services architect identified problems we did not even know existed.” Samuel Dall’Agnol, IT Director

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3. Streamline customer service with automation.

With customer experience shaping up to be a key differentiator for many businesses, providing customers with exceptional support is critical.

To improve customer satisfaction, Grupo Globo needed to enhance the support available to Globoplay’s customers. It also wanted to streamline service delivery and reduce the high cost of servicing customers associated with its customer support call center.

Grupo Globo’s team of Salesforce experts improved the company’s customer service platform by rolling out an AI-powered virtual assistant chatbot which gives personalized recommendations based on customers' past interactions and products. This enables customers to resolve common issues instantly, without needing to speak with an agent. This has also helped reduce costs associated with supporting its customers.

As an added bonus, the collaboration has resulted in an improvement in the chatbot’s understanding of Portuguese, thanks to feedback from Grupo Globo.

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4. Build on past successes to see results sooner.

By building on the company’s existing digital foundations to boost Globoplay’s sales and service capabilities, Grupo Globo has seen a positive impact almost immediately. For example, subscription sales have increased by 209% year over year.
The company has also seen a 10% reduction in the cost of providing customer support, due to the use of the virtual assistant chatbot. Almost a third (30%) of subscribers now resolve their problems with only the help of the chatbot.

The overall reliability of Grupo Globo’s technology platform is also higher, with the business reporting a 70% increase in the average time between failures.

By focusing on the viewer behavior data and building personalized content and recommendations, Globoplay increased customer engagement.

Marketing Cloud is instrumental to intelligently segmenting Globo's audiences and executing personalized communications and recommendations. With a single view of its audiences, Globo can now personalize the entire subscriber journeys from acquisition to engagement and subscriber care, driving retention. Globo was able to increase retention rate by 30%.

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Grupo Globo is now focused on building a center of excellence to help it better manage its technology solution in the long-term. Drawing on the expertise of its technical team, the company will create a framework for this that addresses go-to-market business strategies, compliance, roles, responsibilities, and cost efficiencies.

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