Mindbody Optimizes its View of The Customer

See how Mindbody leverages the Premier Success Plan to enable a single source of truth for all customer activities.

Individuals and organizations have similar needs. Both require constant internal communication and collaboration between the various parts to stay healthy. Mindbody, the leading wellness experience software, has worked hard to achieve optimal business health. The company helps gyms, spas, salons, and other businesses schedule their services and connect with their ideal audience.

Recently, the leaders at Mindbody realized they needed to get in better shape when it comes to communication between various departments. With expert coaching from Salesforce, the team at Mindbody began a journey of transformation that resulted in improved internal communication and a smoother customer experience. Now the various parts of the business are aligned on everything that’s vital to their mission, brand values, and business.

Mindbody initially became a Salesforce customer several years ago, using Sales Cloud to place all of its sales and revenue activity on a single platform. This helped the company improve its data tracking for its sales team, but there were still growth opportunities that were going untapped. Customer service reps and other internal teams needed access to all customer data to ensure a smooth sales-to-service handoff and improve customer satisfaction, streamlining the end-user experience. The Mindbody team quickly realized a complete shift to the Salesforce Platform would improve their customer experience and help them achieve revenue goals down the line. The only question was how to do it.

The company began by adding a Salesforce Premier Success Plan to ensure the company’s team leaders had access to Salesforce experts who could guide them through each step of the journey. This shift would be no small undertaking for Mindbody. Its data was stored on multiple Salesforce instances, and training teams on new data management was going to be a time-consuming process that required expert guidance.

In addition to adding the Premier Success Plan, the Mindbody team upgraded to Salesforce Lightning and integrated Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This enabled the Mindbody team to quickly and easily access customer data and helped them improve their services. Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of Mindbody customers and their activities, enhancing the experience for team members and customers alike.

Here are three steps from Mindbody’s journey you can take to help to streamline your view into your customer activities:

1. Choose a single source of truth to streamline customer activities.

One of the first major shifts for Mindbody was their transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning enables hundreds of new, innovative features that improve productivity and empower teams to achieve their goals. Migrating to the new platform helped merge multiple instances and gave the Mindbody team a fresh start to store customer data and keep it clean.

Since the shift, Mindbody leadership has reinforced the importance of data entry into Salesforce to ensure that everyone involved has a complete view of the customer experience. Using Salesforce Lightning also helps improve data quality by ensuring that free form text can’t be used.

“We view Salesforce as our single source of truth," said KC Duggan, Director of Revenue Systems at Mindbody. "If something didn’t take place in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen.”

"I strongly believe that we need to get the most juice out of our squeeze when it comes to vendors and their technology, and the Premier Success Plan helps us do that."

KC Duggan

Director of Revenue Systems

2. Enhance team collaboration with Sales and Service Cloud.

By combining Sales and Service, Mindbody effectively created a one-stop shop for all important customer data. The company now uses both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to track customer communications, meaning all teams have access to the same data.

Both Mindbody’s sales and customer experience teams now employ Sales Cloud to keep track of all customer activity. Before using this Salesforce program, each team only had access to their own data in separate programs. By combining their information into Sales Cloud, they were able to significantly improve their approvals workflow and lead-to-cash flow. Customer service teams can use Sales Cloud to see everything about a customer’s past history with Mindbody and take note of all past interactions. This allows them to better understand the complete experience customers have had, improving their ability to answer questions and find solutions to more complex issues.

To enhance collaborative efforts between teams, Mindbody leaned into their use of Service Cloud. They heavily used the articles in their Salesforce knowledge base to streamline and standardize processes. This makes communication between service reps and customers more helpful and consistent, improving employee productivity overall. When sales teams have access to the same data, they can ensure that prospective customers have a comprehensive understanding of their services, increasing customer retention and overall sales.

“We adopted the Salesforce Knowledge-Centered Support methodology to help ensure that we’re not only maintaining the content we have, but also adding new articles as we release new features,” Duggan said. She went on to note that this strategy helps ensure that customers have the support they need to use any exciting new features as they’re released.

3. Get the most out of Salesforce with the Premier Success Plan.

“I strongly believe that we need to get the most juice out of our squeeze when it comes to vendors and their technology, and the Premier Success Plan helps us do that,” Duggan stated. “We take advantage of pretty much every aspect of that package.”

Mindbody currently leverages the Premier Success Plan in several ways.
The company sets standing meetings with customer success managers and escalates issues related to configure-price-quote to the critical accounts technology team. The team also keeps an active calendar of expert coaching sessions on new Salesforce services. Through their partnership with Salesforce architects, the leadership team at Mindbody helped build an expert coaching roadmap to help employees reach goals and learn best practices from Trailblazer communities and other businesses in similar spaces.

“When we have questions about our design or if we need to look at what other organizations in similar spaces have done, we can reach out for expert coaching at Salesforce,” Duggan said. “We’re looking to learn from others.”

What's Next for Mindbody

The team at Mindbody believes there’s always an opportunity to optimize the end-user experience. Using Salesforce as its go-to platform for sales and service enables the business to deliver on its ideals and keep customers satisfied.

“Given that we are the leading wellness experience software, Mindbody needs to be working with other leaders in the spaces that they shine in. Salesforce, to me, is one of those,” Duggan said.

Mindbody plans to closely monitor their Salesforce data and find new ways to improve the user experience. By continuing to partner closely with Salesforce, the team at Mindbody can stay on top of the latest business shifts and maintain their position ahead of the curve.

“Given that we are the leading wellness experience software, Mindbody needs to be working with other leaders in the spaces that they shine in. Salesforce, to me, is one of those.”

KC Duggan

Director of Revenue Systems, Mindbody

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