Salesforce partners with local government to help build a connected community — a community that joins people, process, and government through digital technology and online access. Enable administration to center operations around residents, and empower leaders with the kind of in-depth insight and targeted tools that deliver a better tomorrow.


Empower job-seekers, employers, staff, and stakeholders to succeed with our workforce CRM, workflow, and reporting solution.

Give knowledge workers the modern, mobile, self-service analytical tools they need to identify questions, resolve issues, and advance the mission.


Provide Health and Human Service agencies better tools to help deliver social services more efficiently and become more client-focused to meet rising demands.

Integrate call centers, websites, and mobile apps over a social-ready platform. Give citizens a single and consistent connection point to submit service requests, note context details, and access community experts — no paperwork or process required.

Contact us to talk about solutions from the Salesforce Government Cloud. We’ll help you set up a strategy to start connecting people and streamlining processes like never before.