Now departments and agencies of all sizes can overcome the “digital dilemma” with Salesforce Government Cloud. That’s the gap between where you want to expend resources – on continually innovating and improving processes – and where you’re compelled to – on costly maintenance and propping up legacy IT systems. Empower any team with the solution that exceeds key success criteria: innovative, open, fast, easy, and trusted.
Get a customizable platform that features metadata-driven architecture, three seamless updates annually, and customer-inspired enhancements. Plus compatibility with mobile, social, and AI.
Get set up quickly with no hardware or software to install or code to write. More than 150,000 customers have benefited from our multitenant cloud, agile day-one deployment, and scalability.
Connect with any internal or external system from any device. Access millions of developers and partners. And get AI built right into the platform with Salesforce Einstein.
Count on a platform that’s secure, transparent, and compliant. We’ve continually earned the industry’s top compliance standards, including FedRAMP, DoD IL2 and provisional authorization for IL4, SOC, HIPAA, and more.
Deliver mission success with the same best practices that enterprises have used to modernize legacy systems.
Untangle LPTA challenges and outperform your competitors by using the cloud to navigate complex environments.
Share more contextual data, improve accuracy, and streamline communications – without sacrificing speed.
Create more potential for growth and innovative ideas by redesigning operational and communications systems.
Transform your city by building more efficient foundations and helping people connect better with government.
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