Meet Einstein Service Agent: Salesforce’s autonomous AI agent to revolutionize chatbot experiences.

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Power the shift from humans to AI-first service.

Transform how service teams deliver value across every customer touchpoint with Service Cloud built on the Einstein 1 Platform. Increase customer satisfaction, deflect more cases, and maximize efficiency with the most complete platform powered by AI and data — from self-service to the contact center to the field.

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Start your AI and data journey with Einstein 1 Service and Field Service.

Deliver personalized support from self-service to the contact center to the field at scale with trusted AI and data. Bring every support process onto the Einstein 1 Platform with Service Cloud and Field Service so you can decrease costs and increase productivity.

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Einstein Service Agent

Resolve cases swiftly and accurately 24/7 with an autonomous AI agent grounded in your trusted data. Einstein Service Agent engages customers across channels any time using natural language tailored to your brand's voice and tone.

Proactive Asset Management

Improve asset uptime and availability and delight customers with proactive service. Monitor asset health and trigger alerts based on insights and predictions from asset signals via Data Cloud. Notify customers to take action to avoid critical issues.

My Service Journey

Realize the full value of Service Cloud with My Service Journey. Based on your Service objectives, you can view information about Service Cloud capabilities and best practices to guide you on your Service journey.

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Start fast and grow faster with Starter Suite.

Find more leads, win more deals, and keep customers happy with an all-in-one CRM suite. Starter brings marketing, sales, service, and commerce together, so you can grow more efficiently with easy-to-use CRM tools.

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Salesforce Customer Service Software FAQ

Customer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or services — that helps them have an easy, enjoyable experience with your brand.

Customer service and support software is a solution that helps businesses manage customer interactions across channels, from self-service and phone to messaging and email. It streamlines customer support processes and provides features like case management, digital engagement, knowledge management, and collaboration to help companies solve customer inquiries faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer service and support software is crucial for businesses because it enables them to deliver more efficient support to their customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. It helps manage support inquiries and track and resolve issues promptly, and it provides valuable insights to enhance overall customer experiences, ultimately driving business growth and success.

When choosing a customer service solution, consider factors like your business needs, scalability, ease of use, and integration capabilities. Assess features such as case management, digital engagement, self-service portals, automation, and AI. Evaluate pricing models and success plans, trial different options, and prioritize customer service solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Customer service and support software software offers benefits such as improved efficiency in handling customer inquiries, streamlined communication across multiple channels, increased customer satisfaction, faster issue resolution, actionable insights, and the ability to scale and adapt to evolving customer needs — all to drive more customer loyalty and better return on investment.

Knowledge management means capturing, organizing, and distributing information that is critical to providing customer support in a centralized digital library that agents, field service technicians, and customers can access from anywhere for fast, quality service.

Customer support refers to the people and interactions that help customers who use a business’s service or product. Help can include answering a question, providing training or installation, and of course, troubleshooting an issue.