Unified experiences, made easy for manufacturing

Get unmatched digital capabilities to automate processes, modernize operations, and deliver personalized service.


What is Manufacturing Cloud?

Manufacturing Cloud is an AI-powered, cloud-based manufacturing platform, built to meet the industry’s needs.

  • One platform to manage customer-centric operations across the business
  • Prebuilt objects, processes, and frameworks for manufacturers
  • Unparalleled innovation, including low-code tools and embedded AI

How can Manufacturing Cloud help my business?

It’s more important than ever to stand out with digital-first experiences — for your customers, ecosystem partners, and employees. Manufacturing Cloud can help.

Modernize commercial operations

Capture an accurate picture of your net new opportunities side by side with customer agreements, demand forecasts, and long-term projects.

Transform service experiences

Delight customers with connected service, asset, and customer experiences, and develop new service-based revenue streams.

Simplify partner engagement

Drive partner loyalty and sales with powerful incentive programs, and collaborate effortlessly with suppliers, dealers, and channel partners.

Leverage embedded analytics

Make fast, informed decisions with time-series based projections and predictive insights on account health and pricing performance.

Go digital fast

Make adoption and data integration seamless with a manufacturing data model, complete with prebuilt objects, processes, and frameworks for manufacturing.

Key Features


Forecasting Frameworks

Capture a holistic view of predicted volumes and demand.

Sales Agreements

Create a source of truth for your run-rate business.

Manufacturing Data Model

Complete with prebuilt objects, processes, and frameworks for manufacturing.

Embedded Analytics

Make fast, informed decisions with out-of-the-box dashboards for manufacturing.

Digital Process Automation

Deliver manufacturing specific experiences and automations.

Rebate Management

Grow trusted channel partner relationships with powerful incentive programs.

“This is exactly what we’re looking for with the forecasting, the analytics, the displays, visuals — this meets our long-term engagements. This meets the conversations that we have with our OEM partners. This meets what we need in a CRM system.”



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of manufacturers say they need new tools for accurate forecasting.

of manufacturers say new service offerings are a top priority.

of manufacturers say increasing process efficiencies is a priority.