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The Internet has brought about a change in the nature of business collaboration, and leads the way with a range of online collaboration tools. Our business collaboration solutions channel the power of software as a service to bring your business online, making collaboration with business partners and customers possible, facilitating online document collaboration and integration between CRM and Google Applications.

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Business Collaboration that Includes Your Customers: Salesforce CRM Suggestions

For some time now, business customers have been swapping opinions on brands, products, and services through the use of consumer online collaboration tools. For many companies it has been a challenge to connect with customers directly - online collaboration tools are necessary to help shape conversations with customers, to harness the power to capture the best thoughts and ideas, and to encourage innovation.

The "suggestion box" model can't be considered true business collaboration, as it only permits one-off communication and only in one direction. Wouldn't it be preferable to cast a wider net to include customers, promote interactivity, and allow online document collaboration?

This is where Salesforce CRM Ideas comes in - online collaboration tools that are integrated with your CRM system to expand the dialogue that you have with your customers and employees alike.

The online collaboration tools in Salesforce CRM Ideas invite you to tap into the knowledge of the masses so you can obtain the best ideas. This really is interactive business collaboration, a catalyst for starting and pursuing conversations that capture useful insights, actionable responses and harnessing the innovative potential of the community within, and around, your business.

With the online collaboration tools from, you get a unique voting mechanism that promotes the best ideas and gives them increased visibility. Capture insights and generate fresh ideas by including online document collaboration to the mix. The best ideas can indeed become reality.

Our online collaboration tools give your customers, business partners and staff a voice that can be heard more easily. This method of business collaboration is a long way ahead of the dead-end suggestion box.

Online Document Collaboration: Content Management

  • Speed up Business Collaboration with Your Company's Best Content. How much more effective could you be? By having online collaboration tools, you can easily access the presentations and documents that you need, as and when you need them. Imagine you could easily view which materials are most popular with your peers - wouldn't business collaboration be enhanced?

    With online collaboration tools, you can forget about digging through complicated mazes of folders and emails. Business collaboration is transformed with Consumer Web features, such as tagging, search, and popularity-based rankings. Everyone can find exactly what they need in a moment, with interactive online document collaboration - making communication so much easier.
  • The Most Usable Online Collaboration Tools in the World. The online collaboration tools from are incredibly user-friendly. This means that you can get started without delay, with no looking back. Community-based business collaboration leads to the best information rising to the top. Online document collaboration is integrated into the business applications that you use on a daily basis, and this empowers everyone across the company.

Online Collaboration Tools to Improve Sales Effectiveness and Productivity

An all-singing, all-dancing sales presentation has little value if sales representatives can't find it to use it. This is where online collaboration tools are vital, placing the most recent, relevant documents exactly where you want them, and even going as far as to recommend content, based on the opportunities you're dealing with. This automates the business collaboration process, making it easy to find proven materials advocated by your colleagues. With the assistance of our online collaboration tools, sales teams spend more one-on-one time with customers - and make better use of this time.

Marketing: Driving Higher ROI with Online Document Collaboration

Armed with information on which materials are most effective and frequently requested, online collaboration tools improve the business collaboration process and bring the marketing department closer to the action. As feedback from sales teams can be accessed online, document collaboration becomes a reality and marketers are able to generate the content that really will help the business development team to close deals. online collaboration tools remove the frustration of wasting effort producing content that never gets used, and can help you ensure that branding and pricing is consistent and up-to-date. Through facilitating real business collaboration between the sales and marketing departments, collaboration tools improve the productivity of both teams, so they can achieve better results.

Business Collaboration Across the Enterprise

The desire for online document collaboration reaches out beyond sales and marketing. Our online collaboration tools are flexible, so they meet the different needs of the different areas of your business - including customer service, product development, HR and more. You can adapt online collaboration tools to suit you with a point-and-click wizard. This helps the efforts of various departments across the company and speeds up business collaboration within cross-functional teams. Even businesses that don't use Salesforce as a CRM system can use our online collaboration tools as the solution to content management challenges - or to encourage online document collaboration across the company as a whole.

Online Collaboration Tools Deliver Quick Time to Value

Encouraging the growth of online document collaboration is a universal business need, but there is a misconception among many people that it is a challenge that's too hard, too expensive, and too time-consuming to meet. online collaboration tools are a straightforward way to achieve noticeable gains in productivity and effectiveness. Because these tools are accessible on demand - with no requirement to buy or install hardware or software - enterprise-wide business collaboration can be set up in a matter of days. And because content distribution and search has been made easier (removing the dependence on email), our online collaboration tools provide the peace of mind that they will be quickly and permanently adopted.

Online Document Collaboration to the Max: Run Your Business with Salesforce CRM and Google

Your priority is running your business, not debating the tools you need to run it. With Salesforce CRM and Google online collaboration tools working collectively, you can run your business in the cloud, with a potent combination of easy-to-use business collaboration applications - freeing you to concentrate on pushing your business forward to succeed. Make the most of the freedom, ease, and streamlined online document collaboration that is a result of blending powerful online collaboration tools from two software-as-a-service leaders.

  • Salesforce CRM for Google Apps. Experience first-hand the power of business collaboration made simple. User-friendly yet powerful web-based online collaboration tools combine in Salesforce CRM for Google Apps - making communication and online document collaboration incredibly simple. Salesforce CRM for Google Apps features new online collaboration tools which help businesses of all sizes to develop new ways of working.

Online Collaboration Tools for Partnering Companies: Salesforce to Salesforce

Would you like closer business collaboration with related companies that also use online collaboration tools? Referred to as the "Facebook of the Enterprise", a radical new service called Salesforce to Salesforce provides secure, trouble-free online document collaboration between everyone in a company's network - such as suppliers, vendors, partners, and customers. As with all our online collaboration tools, this integration is achieved by following a simple set-up wizard: there's no need for hard-coding. Share information on sales leads, accounts, opportunities, contacts, tasks, and custom objects with the businesses in your value chain which also make use of the online collaboration tools available from


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“The ability to consolidate onto one platform has had a big impact for us.”

“The ability to consolidate
onto one platform has had
a big impact for us.”

— Christina Scott CIO, The Financial Times


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