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Our vision is to ultimately create a one-on-one relationship with every customer on whichever channel works for them. Salesforce is helping us achieve this by allowing us to see our customers clearly and speak to them personally.”

Aaron Tan Dani, Group Chief Architect

ATD connects its business and customers for smarter growth

ATD Solution helps over 5,000 customers across Asia embrace the power of digitalisation through its two business units – ATD Consulting and ATD Learning.

ATD Consulting works with customers across multiple industries to map out their Digital Enterprise Architecture blueprint. The end goal is faster growth and smarter insights into customer needs.

ATD Learning trains people on all aspects of enterprise architecture. Students then become part of its alumni network, with many returning to ATD as enterprise customers.

To keep pace with projected regional growth, and drive deeper engagement with its customers, ATD needed to streamline its own business processes. The team wanted to bring its customer-facing processes online to automate tasks and enable seamless customer interactions.

“We want to get closer to our customers by connecting with them digitally in a more personalised way. Down the line, we want to connect them to one another and build an ATD community of life-long learners,” says Aaron Tan Dani, Group Chief Architect, ATD Solution.

ATD leveraged Salesforce to create a digital blueprint for transformation.

All customer touch points are now connected in Sales Cloud. ATD has one view of the customer lifecycle, from enrolling a customer in a training course to mapping out their enterprise architecture needs.

Creating a unified customer view

The process began with ATD’s regional telesales team, which receives inbound leads and follows these up for business development managers (BDMs) located across Asia.

“We couldn’t track what BDMs were doing – how many customers they were seeing; what their conversion rates were. This made it difficult for us to forecast or take action,” explains Alecia Heng, Chief Operating Officer, ATD Solution.

Sales Cloud creates an holistic view of all sales activity for accounts across the region. And every lead is efficiently captured, assigned and nurtured through the system.

“All our teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia are now connected across Asia to our regional telesales team. Dashboards show sales performance and help us discover new insights every day. Real time information helps us make smarter decisions much faster,” says Alecia.

“Our consulting revenue has increased 100% year-on-year thanks to Salesforce.”

ATD Learning is also scaling up for growth by improving efficiency. The entire student registration process, previously managed manually, is now on Salesforce and onboarding time for students has improved by almost 200%. The operations team can use the data to plan training programmes, and better predict requirements and outcomes.

Keeping it personal

ATD recognised that to keep pace with growth, it also needed a scalable solution to personalise customer service.

It’s now using Pardot to automate marketing campaigns without losing the personal touch.

“Pardot personalises messages at different stages of the learning or sales cycle. Automating our marketing in this way has reduced our entire campaign lifecycle from two months to one week,” says Alecia.

Responses are tracked instantly and insights highlight opportunities in real time, allowing ATD to be more proactive in its planning and to have more personalised service conversations.

“We’ve increased traffic to our website by 150% as a result of running campaigns through Pardot. We’ve generated and converted more new leads and experienced a 30% increase in revenue in the learning business as a result,” says Alecia.

The way ahead

ATD plans to supercharge customer service by bringing its entire customer help-desk online and integrating it with customised social media campaigns and messages.

“Our vision is to ultimately create a one-on-one relationship with every customer on whichever channel works for them,” says Tan Dani. “Salesforce is helping us achieve this by allowing us to see our customers clearly and speak to them personally.”


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