Salesforce shares our dedication to delivering excellent customer experiences.”

Patrick Barnes, Head of Sales

Killer tools connect in the cloud

Whatever you’re selling, you’ll likely face a problem familiar to all salespeople - how to manage your inventory so that customers receive prompt and satisfying service.

Now it’s possible for companies to gain a complete view of their inventory in one place. Using TradeGecko, businesses keep stock levels up to date on all sales channels automatically. With their inventory well-stocked, businesses then avoid running out of popular products. It’s driving customer satisfaction right up.

The value for customers is that TradeGecko makes inventory management so easy, by uniting every aspect into one fluid process. It integrates with existing accounting programs and ecommerce systems so that everything happens in one interface.

Taking control of lead conversion

The same challenges are typically shared by every business managing inventory, like keeping inventory synchronised between different sales channels or ensuring stock is updated when a new order is placed. TradeGecko focuses on common pain points for wholesalers and online retailers in any industry. This makes it as useful for an apparel wholesaler as for an online consumer electronics company.

But, despite the clear interest in TradeGecko, there was a roadblock in internal sales processes. Prospective customers were flowing to the online trial, but leaving without purchasing the full product. Investigations pointed to a lack of understanding on where people were in the consideration to purchase cycle and a shortage of prospect data.

“We needed to get much better at managing our leads if we were to achieve our growth goals,” says Patrick Barnes, Head of Sales.

The solution: Salesforce Sales Cloud

TradeGecko has since made Salesforce Sales Cloud the cornerstone of customer interactions Sales Cloud delivers a clear line of sight into each customer’s business profile and operations. It’s leading to better pipeline management, with sales and support staff working in tune with each other to deliver an excellent TradeGecko experience.

“We always know who to follow up, when, and what to follow them up about,” says Barnes. “And when we do make contact with a customer, we’re talking about what’s important to them.”

Conversion rates skyrocketing

Now that sales leads are flowing uninterrupted, Barnes and his colleagues are seeing a marked increase in the rate of free trial customers who take up a full subscription.

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