The Warehouse

When we saw the forecasts for the traffic Sales Cloud would ultimately be driving to our contact centre, we decided to also get Service Cloud”

Russell Stephens, Group General Manager, Contact Centre

The Warehouse redefines retail

Four years ago, Michelle Anderson, executive general manager of digital marketing at The Warehouse Group (TW Group), started working with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Anderson was part of a team tasked with developing systems to support TW Group brands in the increasingly digitised, always on, world of retail.

"We had a website and an email partner, but reporting and customer processes were missing. We discovered that simple integration would allow us to push customer data from our web platform into Salesforce, where we could manage customer lifecycles," said Anderson.

The move also captured insights about purchasing behaviours and provided cues for targeted communication. Development continued, and Salesforce was applied to fulfilment management, where dashboards showcase orders, sales, and backorders.

Looping in customers

A manual back-order process puzzled customers. In-store order pickers placed goods on back-order when they couldn't locate order items. However, the process was almost impossible to manage. There was no immediate data to inform activity – or customers. How old is the order? Has the item been shipped? At what point is a refund due? Salesforce has streamlined the process, and now everyone is in the picture.

Presenting the right offer at the right time

In 2013, TW Group launched beauty brands website The website offers a range of about 5,000 global cosmetics, fragrances, and hair-care products at market-best prices.Close to 10,000 people signed up to the site before it launched. Clever marketing automation targets offers to the right customers. The Salesforce system, integrated with email marketing, invites customers to sign up for weekly deals, and triggers emails and other campaigns based on the pages customers have visited.

Connecting service to sales

The 2013 addition of Salesforce Service Cloud was a 'no brainer' for TW Group general manager of contact centre Russell Stephens. "With the amount of information already in Sales Cloud, and integration in play, we'd have been crazy to pick anything else," he said.

His first move was to replace a legacy ITSM database that supported trouble ticketing. It wasn't doing the job.

The new system was up and running in just six weeks and helped the contact centre notch up several quick wins. TV repairs are a shining example. Agents had to navigate three systems and took nearly 10 minutes to process a single warranty-related call. Now the process takes just two steps (rather than nine) and is completed in less than five minutes.


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