"Our business helps busy people save time, so fast service with is essential."

Amanda Brooks
Senior Manager of Customer Delight

Revving up a small business with awesome service.

In many big cities, it can take an hour or more to find a parking spot. Luxe, a hot new startup, offers a personal, on-demand valet service for busy urban drivers. With its mobile app, you summon a valet to meet you at your destination and park for you at a nearby secure lot. Each valet can park your car or return your car — usually within 15 minutes notice — when you’re ready to go. There’s even a feature to have your car washed and refilled with gas as an added service.

The app has been wildly popular with the on-the-go set in nine cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle — making Luxe’s business go from zero to 60 in what seems like seconds. In an economy that’s expanding only 2%–3% annually, Luxe’s customer base has been growing at an astounding 50% each month.

“In a business like ours, where we’re essentially asking customers to hand over one of their most valuable assets to a total stranger, customer service is critical,” said Amanda Brooks, senior manager of customer delight. “That’s why we switched to”

A solution that lets you hit the ground running.

The executive team at Luxe wanted a customer service tool that would automate workflows and also give the reporting they needed to grow the business. Brooks and team tested several solutions, but chose over the competition for its easy setup and because employees could start using it right away, with no training. “Other products didn’t feel startup focused,” said Brooks. “With, we could hit the ground running.”

The support team consolidated all of its channels — including text, email, and Twitter — into so they can quickly answer questions about anything from what neighborhoods they support to billing issues and more. Since most of their customers are in transit when using the app, providing an immediate channel for support is critical. Inbound calls are associated with customer records in, so customer delight agents — as they’re called at Luxe — can quickly access complete customer information and reservation histories. Automated case assignments and integration with a homegrown CRM system mean everyone can see the latest customer information and provide customers with fast, helpful service.

Luxe is a numbers-focused organization. With’s Business Insights, the company can easily measure business and support team performance over time. “As a startup we have to be cost-conscious,” said Brooks. “ helps us forecast effectively so we can scale efficiently and manage costs as we grow.” Every case is labeled so Luxe can quickly spot emerging problems and easily track issues and trends over time.

Luxe also values customer feedback. By labeling all of their cases in, Brooks’ team can collect customer feedback over time, and share insights with product management so they can plan their product roadmap. also helps them prioritize feature requests from their most loyal and vocal customers.

Accelerating the business with customer service.

With, Luxe’s small support team easily handles more than 200 cases each day. And, through and integration with Teckst, the company decreased average first response time by 40%. Information from also helps Luxe make process improvements to help optimize its business, including changing the way it manages customer receipts and forecasting staffing needs for times when they have the highest support case volume.

“Our business is designed to save time for busy people, so fast service is really important,” said Brooks. “At the same time, we need to make sure they are comfortable trusting their cars with us. is a cost-friendly product that ensures we’re backed by stellar service.”

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