Episode 1 – Premiere Episode

20 May, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. GMT +8

We’re in a new reality. An all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Almost overnight, sales moved from in-person handshakes to Zooms, service call centres from office buildings to agents in their homes, marketing events from convention centres to webinars, and commerce from brick-and-mortar to online. In this new normal, companies must adopt new ways of engaging customers and helping employees who are working from anywhere succeed. Join Sujith Abraham, SVP & GM, ASEAN and Cecily Ng AVP & GM Singapore at Salesforce with special guests including Cheryl Goh, Group VP of Marketing and Sustainability at Grab to learn how businesses of all sizes have adapted. We’ll show you how the Customer 360 is your key to success in this keynote packed with innovations, live workshops, Trailblazer connections, and of course some surprise entertainment.
The events of the last year have forced leaders to rethink everything; people, processes, and technology. In this panel session, we'll focus on our most important asset; our people. Our panelists will discuss the dynamic possibilities of reskilling, the importance of lifelong learning, and we'll also explore sources of emerging talent to help businesses survive and prosper for the future.
Over the last 12 months there has been growing awareness in the community of issues affecting women, and how society fundamentally views gender equality. With disparate weighting on roles at home, unpaid care and rising domestic violence, there is much work to be done. Join us to hear candid insights from our panelists whose clients face gender equality challenges every day and perspectives on how to advance efforts and understand what you can do to make a difference.

Top Trailhead News

Tune in to hear all the latest news in the world of Trailhead. Whether you're an admin, developer, architect or Trailblazer, new to Salesforce or a seasoned professional, there will be news for you!

Trail of the Century

Join us for "Trail of the Century" the cutting edge game show where we ask the tough Trailhead questions and members of the community try to answer them. Come for the quiz, stay for the fun!

Trailblazer Interview with William Sim

Join host Megan Petersen as she interviews William Sim, VP Trailhead Academy APAC at Salesforce.

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Episode 2 – Service Trailblazers

27 May, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


Building a Resilient Service Organisation for the Future

Over the past year, we have witnessed some spectacular stories of innovation as service leaders have guided their teams and organisations toward new levels of bold success. In doing so, they’re reinventing what service means; building powerful levels of resilience and ensuring they stay relevant for the customer.

Join us for this session as we get the opportunity to chat with Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Happiness Officer at AirAsia, an organisation that has truly demonstrated this courage and resilience and created new best practices around customer experience. Delivering seamless support increases customer satisfaction and drives value across your business – AirAsia shows us just how.

Unlocking the Strategic Role of Field Service

The urgency around delivering exceptional customer service is continuing to rise across industries. Customers view the service experience they get as a leading differentiator for doing business with companies and hence your customer service organisation is on the frontlines; having technology that has the ability to scale and optimise is key.

Join this session to get an understanding of how you can empower your field workforce to stay ahead of the game – with the right tools and knowledge to keep tabs on service level agreements on each account. You will hear from our trailblazer, Cindy Christian, Head of Digital at United Tractors, a business who are leading in this field and really making strides in elevating their service experience.

Service from Anywhere with Sonos

Hear how SONOS is reimagining customer service — they were able to quickly pivot to direct-to-consumer sales almost overnight with the right platform already in place to provide personalised service across all channels.

We’ve expanded Service Cloud and packed it full of relevant innovation so you can empower service staff to be able to provide prompt and seamless support regardless of where they’re working from. In this session we will hear the latest product innovations from Service Cloud and how SONOS is leveraging the technology to deliver sound — and Service — from Anywhere.

The Future of Customer Experience with Brian Solis

Instead of trying to get back to the old normal or jump into what you perceive may be the next normal, this is the one opportunity we have for building a future we have always wanted to see. This is a time for change; a time for service innovation where we renew existing services — but also put into practice new services — that benefit both our customers and our businesses.

In this session, Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce shares more about how the emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic are resetting customer values and pushing them to experiment with new brands. What are customers looking for now? In our 2020 State of the Connected Customer Report, we see Trust coming up as a top value customers are expecting of companies they want to do business with. In the same vein, we found that 90% of customers say how a company acts during a crisis reveals its trustworthiness.

Want to boost customer loyalty in this era of uncertainty? Start with reimagining service and customer experience. Then, think differently about the role your service team plays in the full customer journey.

Continuity of Care: How Maxicare is Rising to the Challenge Through Unprecedented Times

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation is the top health maintenance organisation (HMO) in the Philippines. As support requests and customer expectations heightened over the past year, companies were struggling to adapt and deliver quality customer service at scale.

Continuity of care remained Maxicare's commitment to its customers; they needed to quickly adapt to the new normal of agents working from home and still deliver on its promise. Join us as we chat with Sylvia Stolk, Chief Digital & Transformation Officer at Maxicare, to pick up some best practices around maintaining quality customer experience during unprecedented times.

Episode 3 – Sales Trailblazers

3 June, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


Going for Growth: How Globe Telecom Empowers B2B Sales in an Rapidly Changing Industry

As businesses and consumers shift to remote working, it has driven higher demands in networking infrastructure and connectivity and new labour intensive challenges for the communications industries. Join us as we chat with Peter Maquera, SVP Enterprise Group, Globe Telecom on how they have used this catalyst to reinvent the way they operate, shifting gears in B2B sales.

Pivoting For Success: Transform and Accelerate Sales Growth For The Year And Beyond

Growing your business requires sales leaders who are able to quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Your sales team needs clear insight into pipeline, enabling prioritisation of the right opportunities - while leaders need forecasts they can rely on. Join Tiffani Bova, Salesforce's Chief Growth Evangelist and Datuk Megat Jalaluddin, Chief Retail Officer from Tenaga Nasional Berhad in a discussion on how they have adapted go-to-market strategies to pivot for growth.

Sales Cloud Demo – Honeywell Sell From Anywhere

Across the world, Sales teams are rapidly adjusting to the challenges of selling from home. These teams need a new way to deliver sales growth for their companies. See Honeywell field sales reps in action, from meeting with customers in-person and selling onsite to selling remotely from their homes.

Drive Growth for Sales Teams with Sales Cloud 360

As sales teams plan for next year, one thing is for sure – teams that can more easily shift priorities and processes will be more successful in closing deals. Hear about the newest innovation from Salesforce that will help sales executives successfully navigate these changes in the year ahead. You'll get a sneak peek of what's in upcoming releases and you'll hear firsthand from a Trailblazer how their sales team is using Salesforce to adapt and thrive.

Salesforce on Salesforce: Inside Sales That Works from Home

Inside sellers thrive on a team environment for learning, for motivation and for coaching from their leadership. But how do you replicate that when everyone is remote? Join this session to hear about the tools and processes Salesforce's own Inside Sales team put in place to keep up with business and customer needs during a pandemic. Learn how to adapt selling motions, coaching processes and quickly adjust to new buying behaviours at scale.

Episode 4 – Small & Fast-Growing Business Trailblazers

10 June, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


Supporting Small Businesses to Adapt, Innovate and Grow

Small and fast growing businesses are resilient, innovative, and agile. They are the heart of our communities and drive the economy. Join us to learn from Citrus Media, a successful recipient of our Small Business Relief Grants Programme launched in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation, on why there has never been a better time to support business owners and help them get back to growth.

Reinventing for the Future: How Fast Growing Businesses Succeed

The pandemic has brought about changes to SME business models and trends. Yet, fast growing businesses have been able to use technology to enable their employees to work from anywhere and scale their business across borders. Hosted by Singapore-based entrepreneur Dr Ayesha Khanna, hear from Stuart Thornton, CEO & Co-Founder, hoolah and Raymond Lee, COO, V-Key, for insightful perspectives on how they’re reinventing, building resilience and fuelling growth for the coming year.

Achieving Meaningful Growth at Scale with Technology

Founded by three friends in 2012, Singapore-based startup Carousell is now one of the largest and fastest growing marketplaces in Southeast Asia. We speak to Penny Cox, SVP Growth to understand how technology has driven Carousell's customer experience strategy, as well as how they have built their people and culture, give back to the community and adopt environmentally sustainable practices to achieve business growth with meaningful impact.

How Loop & Tie Adapts to the New Normal with Salesforce

See how Loop & Tie, a small business trailblazer, leverages Salesforce to build deeper relationships with customers, to create a more compelling offering, and to adapt to the new normal.

CRM Insights for Growth: Embracing the Future of Selling with CRM

How do you prepare for the future of selling while tackling the challenges you're facing today? We've cracked the code! Learn how you can use Sales Cloud tools to make your teams more efficient, empower them to sell with confidence, and build a more effective sales process to ensure you're maximising potential for future growth.

Episode 5 – Marketers and Digital Experience Trailblazers

17 June, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


The Future of Marketing in a Digital-First World

The pandemic, coupled with rapid technological change, has vastly transformed the role of the marketing function; and customer expectations and needs are evolving within our world of constant change. So where does the future of marketing lie and how do we predict what will have the biggest impact on business growth; all whilst keeping our customers engaged in a way that is authentic, genuine and human? Join us as we discuss this challenging new world for marketers and learn how local trailblazers are thriving in the digital-first world.

How to Humanise your Marketing by Creating Personalised Moments that Matter

Creating connected experiences for your customers is important now more than ever. How do you turn a wealth of customer data into innovative marketing experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and create 1-1 customer connections; siloed messaging and disjointed experiences are a thing of the past!

Salesforce's Roadmap for Marketers to Win in the Digital Age

Join us for an exclusive look at the new features coming to Marketing Cloud this year. Hear from local experts on the latest ASEAN trends and Marketing Cloud capabilities to help you take your marketing to the next level. Walk away with a guide and roadmap on how to navigate the marketing growth mandate of 2021.

How to Plan Your Business Forward

In 2020, businesses worldwide witnessed digital integrated into the way we work, live, and play at an unprecedented rate. The new year signals a time for the marketing and digital experience leaders to truly understand your customers by leveraging technology, and provide them with the right experience, now and in the future. Hear from Mathew Sweezey, Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce and best-selling author of 'The Context Marketing Revolution' on how can businesses manage marketing priorities and strategies to deepen long-lasting customer relationships?

In this session, Mathew will dive into:

  • The need for marketing transformation
  • The new data revolution you need to prepare for
  • The X factor for breaking through the noise

Learn how your business can innovate, evolve, and succeed through the changing times.

Tableau: Harmonise, Visualise, and Act on Your Marketing Data Show Flow

Data sprawl can result in the difference of meeting your customers where they are and leaving money on the table. Join this session to learn how Tableau for marketing provides AI-driven insights, contextual analytics, and powerful visualisations as your single source of truth to harness your customer data. Together with Datorama and Customer 360 Audiences, Tableau harmonises marketing data sources and helps you understand where your customers are in their journey with your brand.

Episode 6 – Admin & IT Trailblazers

24 June, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


Creating Unforgettable Experiences: Why Empowering your Employees is Key

The future of work is here, and employees are embracing the new digital-first, success-from-anywhere world. While there are many different aspects that contribute to an unforgettable employee experience, empowerment is key. Empowering your employees with the right environment, culture and tools helps to ensure they’re focused on creating unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Join our panel of esteemed experts including Loh Lik Peng, CEO at Unlisted Collection; our customer trailblazer Rameshwar Vyas, CEO at Ranosys Technologies; moderated by Sasha Wight, MD & Employee Experience Lead at wrkflow. You’ll hear how technology is being used to empower employees at Ranosys and why a culture of innovation and creativity enables exceptional customer and employee experiences at the Unlisted Collection.

How Salesforce Builds Customer Trust

Trust is Salesforce’s #1 value, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers across the globe trust us with their confidential data. Join this session to hear from our very own CTO, Security at Salesforce — Dr Taher Elgamal — who will be sharing insight around how we keep to this commitment on a day-to-day basis.

For enhanced protection on your cloud data, Salesforce provides a security portfolio on top of the built-in security features that our trusted platform already delivers. Learn more about how these add-on features help enhance Trust, Compliance, and Governance while still allowing brands to build personalised experiences for customers.

Building Custom Apps to Drive Success for your Dealers and Partners

Join us on this fireside chat as we get an insiders' look at how industry leader PETRONAS is transforming the B2B2C experience in the oil & gas industry in Malaysia.

We chat with Kelly Hoong, Head of Customer Resolutions, who shares how PETRONAS is leveraging an innovative portal and custom app to deliver a connected experience for their dealers, gas stations, and ultimately their clients. Tune in to get some great insights, tips and best practices on building apps to supercharge experiences across your B2B ecosystem.

AppExchange: Extend Every Customer 360 with Partners

AppExchange is every Trailblazer’s best-kept secret. Whether you're leading a strategic initiative or in need of a quick solve for an unexpected problem, AppExchange is the go-to place to find apps, solutions, and consultants to extend Salesforce and solve business challenges. Join us to learn what's new, see a quick demo, and hear about must-have solutions from top Trailblazers.

How Luxasia Was Able to Pivot to E-Commerce Quickly With the Help of Heroku

Luxasia is a one-stop shop, bringing the best beauty and luxury brands to Asia Pacific consumers. Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer at Luxasia, shares how they leverage the Salesforce Platform and Heroku to connect sales and customer data to deliver real-time insights, enabling Luxasia to rapidly shift from an omni-channel presence to a digital-first business.

How BaptistCare Digitised Customer-Centric Aged Care with MuleSoft

Join Daniel Pettman, CIO, and Kusal Wijewantha, Applications/BI Manager as they share how they are leading digital transformation at BaptistCare. Find out how they've leveraged APIs to rapidly accelerate the delivery of connected customer experiences for aged care and home service clients. Tune in to get some great insights, tips and best practices to help you build a strategic approach to integration and empower your entire organisation.

Episode 7 – Financial Services Trailblazers

1 July, 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. GMT +8


Building Trust in a Digital-First World Through Exceptional Customer Experience

Ever-higher customer and employee expectations, cost pressures, COVID, and the launch of a number of digital-only banks are just some of the trends that are reshaping the banking landscape in the ASEAN region. As digital becomes the dominant way in which customers engage with financial institutions, banks are stepping up their efforts to deliver their services digitally, while offering an exceptional and personalised customer experience throughout the lifecycle. Join us for a Q&A fireside chat with an esteemed banking guest speaker to hear more about how their approach to banking in a digital-first world.

Becoming a Trusted Partner to Policyholders Through Proactivity, Prevention and Assistance

Historically, the insurance industry has had low levels of customer engagement. In today’s world, customers and policyholders across the insurance lifecycle expect consistent and connected experience on every channel. Leading insurers are working to become a trusted partner to their customers and transform the relationship towards proactivity, prevention and assistance. Meanwhile, the industry itself is going through tremendous transformation, especially so in Asia, led by a rich ecosystem of nimble and innovative insurtech players with new business models. Join us for a Q&A discussion with Ned Lowe, Chief Technology Officer at Singlife, one of Asia’s most innovative insurers, where we will explore these themes further.